A Cute Ruffled Valentine’s Shirt Tutorial

February 9, 2012 in Projects

Photo courtesy of Craftiness is not Optional, click for scrap tutorial!

We found a great idea for an adorable Valentine shirt on a really cute blog, Craftiness is not Optional.  The original project (at right) involved sewing fabric strips into a heart, but we thought it might be easier (and just as cute) using ribbon (tutorial below)!

Supplies needed:

  1. 1 plain shirt
  2. some decorative ribbon
  3. disappearing ink pen
  4. cardboard for tracing.

With our Ellure Plus, we were able to make this shirt in less than an hour. Little Charlotte will look so cute wearing it on Valentine’s Day!

Step One:
Cut a heart shape out of cardboard and trace it onto the shirt with disappearing ink:
I used a pin to hold it in place while I traced it:
Before adding ribbon ruffles, we thought about embroidering a name or initial in the center of the heart.  We decided not to simply because Charlotte has a baby cousin who wants to get her hand me downs 🙂
You can add a name or initial in the center before adding ruffles

Step 2:

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon about 24 inches long. This seemed to be a good length for the size we did (shirt was size 3T). Tip: The nice thing about using ribbon instead of sewn fabric strips is that you can add more ribbon if it is not long enough.  It is easy to “splice” more pieces along the way by hiding it in the ruffles.

Step 3:

Start sewing one piece of ribbon from the bottom of the heart going along one side.  Fold the end under and back up a few stitches when starting.  As you sew, fold/pleat the ribbon as you follow along the line drawn.  Back up a few stitches at the end of the ribbon.  Do the same with the second piece of ribbon and follow the heart outline.

Fold the ribbon under as you sew along the line.
In progress:
The finished product :
So cute and so simple!
Related Projects:
We found this to be so easy and so cute, that we did a few more items.  We are also looking for green ribbon to make shamrock shirts for St. Patrick’s Day!  Maybe a Christmas tree out of ribbons. . . .
Smaller heart on hoodie for our 10 year old niece
Large initial out of ribbon on another shirt for little Charlotte
Thank you for the inspiration Craftiness is not Optional!

2 responses to A Cute Ruffled Valentine’s Shirt Tutorial

  1. Cute!!

  2. I made this yesterday for my daughter! I also made a pair of pants to go with it. Turned out very cute!

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