Sew an Anniversary Pollow!

September 8, 2011 in Projects

As I continue with the wedding theme, I dug deep for this idea…That is deep in my closet….
We all have those bridesmaids dressed they say “oh but you can where it again” and never do because you really can’t… Well how about taking that dress and turning it into an anniversary pillow for the couple!
Four things will come out of this project.

1. You getting rid of that dresses that you will never be caught dead in again.
2. Having a good laugh while cutting the dress and thinking what was she thinking.
3. Reliving fun memories with the couple of their wedding.
4. The couple having a memento that they would have never expected.

This project has no specifics you can design it how you like, with the dress that I used I knew that I wanted to use the front of the top being it had design… Take those unused bridesmaid dresses and have fun with them….

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