Baby Lock at Sewing Summit Contest Winner

December 28, 2012 in News

Congratulations once again to Sylvia for winning the Baby Lock at Sewing Summit Pinterest Contest! She received her Baby Lock Grace sewing machine and her Madeira Thread 25-Spool Giftbox, and we are so excited to have her as part of the Baby Lock family. Keep reading to get to know a litte more about Sylvia!

1.     How long have you been sewing?

About three and a half years.

2.     What type of sewing do you do?

I really love to sew everything. I sew pillows, bags, stuffed animals, quilts (well, just one so far), and garments (mainly dresses). 

3.     What brought you to the Sewing Summit?

My friend, Nydia, told me about it. I love to travel and love to sew, so it seemed like the perfect combination of the two!

4.     What was your favorite part about the Sewing Summit?

I loved the variety of classes and types of sewists. It was very well-rounded. The convention wasn’t geared towards just garment makers or just quilters. It encompassed all kinds of sewing. Also, meeting people who share the same passion as me was great. I made a lot of great new friends (Katie, Sarah, and Bianca to name a few)!

5.     Who are your sewing/quilting idols?

Well, my first sewing teacher, Linda, I really admire for her bag-making and overall patience. My friend, Nydia, is an amazing quilter. And after taking classes with them at Sewing Summit, I look up to garment makers such as Melissa Esplin, Mena Trott, Leanne Barlow, and Sunni Standing.

6.     What’s the first project you are going to make on your new Grace sewing machine?

I am looking forward to making a dress for my work Christmas Party!

7.     What’s the best sewing or quilting advice you’ve ever received?

Well, use good fabric is one great piece of advice. It’s frustrating when you spend so much time on something and it doesn’t come out how you want because the fabric you chose was either not good quality or not the correct type of fabric for the project. But, I think the best piece of advice I have ever received, which applies to other arts as well, is that when you first start out, a lot of times the things you make won’t turn out great. But if you keep trying and keep working hard, you will get better. Not everything you make has to be a masterpiece. So if a project goes wrong, try not to get discouraged and don’t give up!

Thanks so much for my sewing machine and thread and thanks for hosting the Sewing Summit!

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