Baby Lock Quilting Bloggers & Sewlebrities: Part 2

March 21, 2016 in Stitchin Women

We’re back with another round of introductions in honor of National Quilting Month! Today, we’re introducing Baby Lock’s quilting bloggers, and let’s just say, these ladies are uber talented. Seriously, if you are into quilting, especially modern quilting, they need to be on your radar! Let’s get started 🙂

Amy Ellis

Amy Ellis

A bit about Amy from her site:

“I learned to sew garments as a girl, the culmination of my 4-H sewing was a vest and culotte set that I wore to school weekly in eighth grade. The vest was fully lined, and the culotte had an inset yoke – I remember being so proud of that finish!

I did a little bit of sewing through high school and college, but mostly would pet the fabric as I walked by it at home or in the store. I kept busy with my studies, and friends during those years. However, when I became a mom in my early 20’s I felt the draw again to make and sew. I was working full-time while my husband finished his Master’s degree, and stayed home with the baby, there wasn’t much time for sewing, but any spare time I had was spent trying to learn to quilt.

While pregnant with my fourth, Owen, I realized that I needed more of myself in my day to day. Having so many people relying on me daily was draining, and I started sewing more and more. At this point I was also introduced to pre-cut and designer fabrics – a whole new world of sewing opened up to me! Shortly thereafter I found the blogging community of quilters online, and started this space in 2008.

I have four published books, have been included in a number collaboration books, and design fabric for Moda Fabrics. You can find my independent patterns in my online shop or ask your local quilt shop to carry them. I’ve been published in a number of magazines, on the PBS shows Love of Quilting and Quilting Arts,  and I’m also a spokesperson for Baby Lock.”

Learn more about Amy’s quilting adventures here.

Amy Smart


From Diary of a Quilter:

“My mom started teaching me how to quilt and sew when I was young but I felt way too dorky ever sharing that with the outside world.  It wasn’t until I had my first baby over 16 years ago that I really started finishing the projects I started and became more of a real quilter.  It felt good to have something in my life that stayed done, as opposed to the diapers and dishes and floors that seemed to need to be re-done quite frequently.

But I still felt like a granny telling anyone that I was a sewer/quilter. Enter blogland. It has been so fun and liberating for me to find hundreds of other people who share the same interest in cutting up fabric into little tiny pieces and sewing them back together as I do. I really came out of the fabric closet and started a blog of my own about my quirky hobby. Sometimes when I find out that neighbors or other friends have found my goofy quilting blog I revert back into my “I’m such a weirdo” worries, but for the most part this little piece of cyber-space has been a fun endeavor.”

Kelly Bowser

Kelly Bowser

In 2010, Kelly decided she wanted to learn to sew, so she asked for a machine for her birthday. Though she’s always considered herself creative, she has never taken sewing or quilting classes and is entirely self-taught.  “I started with making a gift. That way I had to force myself to learn—I had to finish that quilt,” Kelly said.

When it comes to sewing, Kelly has dabbled in a bit of everything, but tends to avoid garments.  “There’s an element in clothing that is terrifying—getting the right fit is difficult. I would have to take a class I think,” Kelly said. Difficulty may steer Kelly away from garment sewing, but a certain level of impatience may add to her dislike for it as well.

“I’m kind of low on patience,” Kelly said. “I like to get things done.”  This mentality applies to quilting, too.  “I don’t mind piecing, but I love the quilting.  Free-motion is so much faster!”

If she gets bored while working on a large quilt, Kelly likes to sew bags and zipper pouches.  “It’s good for in between projects for that immediate gratification. Sometimes I like to back away from a bigger project and make a zipper pouch. Plus, they make great gifts,” Kelly said. If you’re looking for awesome, quick-to-stitch bags and pouches, check out Hearts and Bees, Kelly’s pattern company, on Craftsy!

Follow Kelly’s sewing and quilting adventures on Instagram!

Lindsay Conner

Lindsay Conner

A bit about Lindsay from her site:

“Hi, I’m Lindsay Conner, an editor, writer and crafter based in Nashville, TN. I’ve been crafting for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I saved my dollar bills for trips with my mom to Jo-Ann Fabrics, where I’d find new floss for friendship bracelets or mini cross-stitch kits. After college, I started sewing stuffed toys and custom creations for friends and family, some from patterns and others from scratch. My love shifted to designing modern quilts, accessories and apparel. By day, I work as a writer, editor and crafter. In my free time, I love to travel with my husband Matt and spend quality time with our loveable cats, Murph and Chloe. I’m also an editor at CraftFoxes, a social networking site for crafters. For tips on running your handmade business and more tutorials, stop by my other blog Craft Buds!

Learn more about Lindsay here.

liZ and Elizabeth Evans

Simple Simon and Co.

Simple Simon and Company was founded by Elizabeth Evans and Liz Evans in 2010. The women bring slightly different views to each blog post while still complementing each other’s projects. They both love sewing for their children, but you’ll find more than kids’ clothes on the blog. They cover everything from children’s wear, to sewing for you, to quilting.

“We love homemaking and want to share our sewing journey with others as our family grows and goes full circle, from sewing bibs and baby blankets, to children’s clothing, to costumes, to prom dresses, to graduation and wedding quilts…then back again to baby blankets for our grandchildren. Sewing isn’t just a skill…it’s a tool to create memories,” Liz said. “What we hope to bring to the online community is that opportunity for others to learn how to sew (in a simple manner) and how to love it, so they can create memories of their own with their families.”

Liz and Elizabeth introduced Four Corners, their first fabric line for Riley Blake Designs, last spring which is now available in stores. The Simple Simon ladies have also written a quilting book called, The Simple Simon Guide to Patchwork Quilting, now available for pre-order. Keep up with Liz and Elizabeth by visiting

We’ll be back next week with another round of introductions! In the mean time, celebrate National Quilting Month with Baby Lock.


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