Baby Lock Sofia Review

June 25, 2011 in Machines

I must say that I’m nervous and excited, in the same breath!
I’m nervous about my new endeavor that has popped into my life (my new Baby Lock Sofia machine) and excited that everyone will get to read about my new adventures on this journey.
Sofia was introduced to me as; “she can do everything for the beginner and intermediate sewing enthusiast plus embroider.” Once I got the box I was so excited just to get started, that I had visited the local fabric store ahead of time knowing I would want to begin immediately… I did what I would do with anything; I’d set the manual to the side, plugged it in there was already a bobbin in the holder and all I had to do was tread the top stitch and I was ready to start. I grabbed a piece of fabric just wanting to practice with the LCD touchscreen and proceeded to just play with the setting. Once I was comfortable with that, I decided to embroider something (still not bothering to crack open the manual.) Placing the material in the loop, changed the foot, selected a design and pressed start!….. Well…..that didn’t work like I had planned… (this is what happens when you DON’T read the manual first) the needle broke and the foot fell off. I thought to myself “good Lord! Please don’t tell me this is going to be a complicated process of changing functions….” (I may have thrown in an expletive or two.) I decided rather break another needle I should open the manual and read how it should be done properly…Once I read the instructions, I felt better knowing that what I blindly did was correct and that the screw to the foot loosened and made it shift forcing the needle to not have a hole to go through and breaking….
Until next time- Michelle

5 responses to Baby Lock Sofia Review

  1. I am looking forward to following this blog about the Sophia. I am contemplating purchasing but not sure yet.

    Debbie O in Idaho

    • It‚Äôs been a great machine, simply for the fact that it‚Äôs a sewing and embroidery all in one machine‚ĶTrust me, every birthday, wedding, anniversary gift this year has been some kind of bag with either name or just the initial‚Ķ

      Michelle A in Florida ( i liked your signature)

  2. I’m thinking of getting a Sofia machine, I have not used an embroidery machine before. Is this a good beginner machine?

  3. When I was first approached about working with a embroidery machine I was really nervous because what I pictured was this hug machine that had all of this thread hanging out of it…. When I got the machine I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use (really)… The screen literally tells you when to change the thread if you want to do multi colors even when you bobbin is low it will alert you…It is a great beginners machine! Ill post some pictures of some hand towels that I did using multi colors and the images that come with the machine‚Ķ

  4. Love my Sofia, I have the number 1 though, when did they come out with a 2? Anyway, I’m still just sewing on mine – great for that, but I need to venture into embroidery – I bought my machine in NC, and have moved to FL, and now I can’t take the free classes – oh well – anyway, back to the machine. It’s a great beginner machine and very easy to use. Love it!!!

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