DIY Baby Washcloths

September 9, 2013 in Projects

Now that baby H. has made her appearance, I needed to get some new baby washcloths but decided it would be more fun to make them. Baby gear is always way cuter when you get to personalize it. To make it even better, they were so simple to make. I had picked up a couple new hand towels a few weeks ago and decided to use one of them for this project.

Remember my love for homemade crib sheets? Well, here is the perfect answer for what to do with all those 8×8 squares you have left over. Who doesn’t love coordinating crib sheets and washcloths??? Ok, maybe just me, but I am pretty sure that these would make fantastic gifts for your girlfriends who are expecting little ones. Maybe add a few to a diaper cake? You can easily match them to a nursery, and they are much less expensive than buying them at the store. Even better? They take hardly any time to make.

Totally Stitchin': DIY Baby Wash Cloths

– a good quality hand towel or you could buy terry cloth from the fabric store
– flannel
– coordinating thread
– scissors, pins
– Baby Lock sewing machine

1. Cut out equal number of terry cloth and flannel into 8″x 8″ squares.

2. Lay flannel square on top of terry cloth square with right sides of fabric facing each other and pin together around the edge.

3. Sew around outside edge of squares using a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving a 2″ opening in the middle of one side. Make sure to back stitch at the beginning and end to make sure your stitch is nice and secure. Trim excess fabric around corners if needed so you can have a nice point in your corners when you turn it right side out. You can also do a rounded edge on your corners.

Totally Stitchin': DIY Baby Wash Cloths

4. Turn washcloth right side out through opening. Fold opening in and either pin or iron the open edge to keep it in place.

Totally Stitchin': DIY Baby Wash Cloths

5. Add a topstitch as close to the edge of the washcloth, closing the opening you left and giving the washcloth a more finished look.

Totally Stitchin': DIY Baby Wash Cloths

And your washcloths are complete! It doesn’t get much easier than that but such a great personalized gift that any new sewer can create!

Totally Stitchin': DIY Baby Wash Cloths

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