Bag Stalking 101 @ The Sewing Summit

October 12, 2011 in Style

Have you ever been standing near someone that clearly had made their own awesome bag and just wanted to take a picture of it? Well, that happened to me at The Sewing Summit about 200 times! I feel that this experience made me quite the expert in bag stalking, so I thought I would share with you a few tips I found to have made me seem a little more casual and a little less crazy about the bags. And, of course my pics!

1.If you feel eyes staring at you just smile and quickly move on.

2. Ask to take a group picture if your at an event. Not if you are at the airport and they don’t know who you are or why you are taking a picture of them. That is creepy.

3. Do not hover. Move in, snap, move out.

4. Act as though you are adjusting your camera lens and then fake-trip while snapping the picture, making it look unintentional. Then laugh as you back away slowly.*

5.┬áSearch high and low. You never know where that awesome bag is hiding. Under a chair, on a table- don’t settle for only the shoulder location.

*I didn’t really do this. on purpose.

So these are the wonderful bags that I spotted! I hope you like them and they inspire you in your sewing endeavors. Thank you, ladies of The Sewing Summit for letting me photograph and post your great creations!

5 responses to Bag Stalking 101 @ The Sewing Summit

  1. Those are great- I really wanted to get a picture of everyone’s bags together- there were so many fabulous ones! Maybe next year…

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Jennifer!

  3. Good work on the bag stalking! I love the Amy Butler Sling bag with Ana Marie Horner prints!

  4. HAHA! Mine’s up there– but it wasn’t handmade (sadly). It totally could be though! Feel free to rip off that style! I love asking people if they made their purses sometimes I even recognize the pattern/tutorial!

  5. There were SO many great bags at the Sewing Summit! In fact, that was 1 way I “recognized” Flickr friends (from seeing pictures of their bag!) or at least knew they were probably part of our group. I’m sad not to see my bag here! This is the one I carried all weekend~ I packed only outfits that matched LOL.

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