Before You Hang Up That Prom Dress

May 26, 2012 in Style

The school year is coming to a close, and most teens are dreaming of having a great summer break. Maybe a summer job, but I am sure they will be spending as much time as they can with their friends. As they put this past school year to bed; the football games, and late nights spent cramming for tests, school lunches, and getting up early, maybe there is one thing that they shouldn’t hang in the closet.

photo by: (mitch)ebersole

Every year hundreds of girls are unable to go to their formal dances because of the dress. This spring showed no mercy on these juniors and seniors as tornados devastated towns in the Midwest. Many of these girls already had their dress for this special night, but due to circumstances beyond their control they found their dream dress gone and other more important issue in there place. I remember watching a newscast about one mother that refused to let these girls stay home on this very important night and she put together a dress drive to outfit the girls who’s homes had recently be destroyed by tornadoes. For most this social event is a right of passage and even in the midst of tragedy a way for teens to escape into a fairytale world, where everything is perfect when the world is far from it.

Regardless of financial or family circumstances there are many organizations that will play the roll of the fairy godmother to a girl in need; you can find a list of national and local organizations at Donate My Dress ( They are the first national network to bring together local dress drive organizations across the U.S., we help you find one in your area so that once you’ve had your dream night, you can give another girl hers!

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