Birthday Party Idea: Tie Dye Shirts

May 10, 2011 in Projects, Style

My daughter recently turned 5, and you know what that means–PARTY TIME!

We went with a tie-dye, peace sign, theme. It was really easy to find coordinating decorations, tableware, and even party favors online! Best of all, I did the shopping from the comfort of my own home.
The girls all made bracelets that turned out really cute. The activity that was the biggest hit was tie-dyed t-shirts!¬†Yes, we tie-dyed shirts for each little girl! It really wasn’t difficult once we started the assembly line. I did the actual dipping of the shirts into the dye because, well, each little flower-child would have needed rubber gloves! They chose the colors and where to put each. We rinsed them out and put them on hangers outside to dry while we did the other activites. On their way out, everyone retrieved their shirts to take home. It worked out great!

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