Bridal Party Gift! Sew them Personalized Totebags!

June 27, 2011 in Projects

Here comes the Bride and her to-do list!
I say this with the deepest sympathy… I just got through one of my friend’s weddings (you’ll see the finished project that I made for her wedding on my next blog) and now I have another friend getting married in October. They don’t have issues with finding a venue, caterer or even picking out the cake but the one question I’m asked the most is “what can I do for my Bridesmaids and Out-of- town guests??” …. My answer is a TOTE BAG!
A tote is completely multi-functional. Something that we all LOVE and can use over and over! Especially when it’s personalized for you and reminds you of the special occasion you were just a part of. Nothing is more thoughtful!
You can customize the bag with each bridesmaid’s favorite color and who doesn’t love their monogrammed initial on things??? It’s the perfect gift to give prior to the wedding so they can lug their wedding day “uniform” (that you chose, not for comfort but for the best bridal pictures). They may just forgive you when they’re in need of a great bag for the beach or headed to the Farmers market. I also made a “wet-bag” for storing wet articles of clothing (swimsuit) or anything that needs to be separated from dry clothes.
Out-of- town guests would also love the bag. Embroider the Family’s last name initial and fill it with goodies for their hotel room or handy items needed while at the destination of your wedding (bottled water, snacks, sunscreen, and local maps). *Added BONUS* an extra bag to bring home all of their souvenirs!

This is what I used: 2 yards of fabric
1. Quilted material for the bag itself and the outer portion of the wet-bag
2. Plastic table cloth (you know the one that we all have and use when the messy-extended family come to dinner) for the lining of the wet bag. *cost savings* $5.00 at a local discount store.
I was lucky enough to find one that matched the ribbon that I used for the straps, the top inner portion of the bag and the trimming on the wet-bag….
• 1 Large Pocket 21 X 11 inches
• 1 Bottom 5 X 21 inches
• 2 Side 5 X 18 inches
• 2 Main Bag 21 (length) X 18 (height)
• 2 Straps 26 X 5
• Optional ribbon for trim on straps and inside upper ledge
1.(Optional) embroider bag with monogram 2. Take your large pocket hem the top 2. Pin pocket to one of your main body pieces (I created three separate pockets by sewing two vertical lines stitching the pocket to the body) 3. Sew the bottom to the one side 4. Sew the remainder body piece to the bottom 5. Pin sides to main body and sew (when pinning and sewing sides you fabric will look to be inside out that will be the inside of your bag) 6. Straps; I pressed each side inward and took the matching ribbon and sewed it to the center of each strap. 7. Attach each end of strap to bag about 12 inches apart or to desired length of straps. 8. (Optional) Sew your matching ribbon to the entire top opening of your bag to conceal your ends of the straps.
Wet Bag:
• 1- 24 X 12 of same material used for bag
• 1-24 X 12 of plastic liner
1. Cut one 24 X 12 of matching material for bag 2. Cut one 24 X 12 of your plastic liner 3. Sew the liner to your chosen material plastic side down leaving the top open so you can reverse having the plastic on one side and the material on the opposite with finished edges. 4. Fold bottom half way up and sew each side creating a pouch 5. (Optional) adhere Velcro to inside of top portion flap to top portion of bottom flap for closure.

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