Casserole dish carrier pattern needed

April 6, 2010 in Find It / Buy It, General, Projects

What a beautiful Easter weekend.  A great way to welcome spring.  Although this holiday was very difficult for my family, it was so nice to enjoy this lovely weather outdoors with the extended family together laughing, talking, and sharing great stories from way back!  After hours of talking my stories usually gravitate back to sewing at some point.  My aunt had a request.  She would like a monogrammed quilted casserole dish carrier.  So I need your help.  If anyone has a design or knows where I can get an easy pattern please let me know.  Remember I only have only been sewing about a year!  Thanks for your help.

2 responses to Casserole dish carrier pattern needed

  1. Ask and you shall receive Jan! Check out the casserole cover project posted today just for you (and all our other sewing friends who may enjoy it as well)!

  2. That is so awesome! Can’t wait to get started. Thanks a bunch.

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