Changing Table Mattress Cover

January 7, 2013 in Projects

My sister is expecting a baby boy in February and my husband and I are expecting a baby boy in March! Soooo, I’ve been really excited about making little boy things, getting his room ready, along with making lots of other baby things! Get ready for lots of baby tutorials, as well as, great baby shower gift ideas! Your gifts will be so unique because you made it!!

My son’s room has an aquatic feel to it 😀 So, I thought…I should make a changing mat that would coordinate with the bedding we are going to get. First, I LOVED how quick and easy this project was and how cute it turned out!! Of course, the applique is optional…it’s pretty cute though (if you don’t have an embroidery machine, consider simple applique by sewing machine)! The mattress that I used is: 31″ x 16″ x 4″ (so, adjust accordingly, make a trial if you are unsure).

What you’ll need:

-If you want to make 2 (they’re so easy, why not?! An additional one is always handy), get 60″ wide fabric and get 41″ of it (if you just want to make one, get enough fabric to cut a 40″ x 29″ rectangle). Minky is always a great choice! For the tutorial, I used a plush microfleece (sheds like crazy before the seams are finished, but, a wonderfully soft fabric)! Cotton woven fabric is pretty too!

-1.5 yds. of 1/2″ elastic or 1 package

-I used my Baby Lock Evolution Serger for this tutorial (4 thread overlock), but a sewing machine will do just as well! (I used my Baby Lock Esante for the machine embroidery applique). You’ll need thread for whichever you use.

Cut a rectangle 40″ x 29″ and then cut 5″ out of each corner (disregard that mine has 3 inches, it needs 5″ cut out of each corner).

Pinch the corner and serge or sew with about a 1/2″ seam allowance. (If you use a sewing machine, finish your seams). I then serged around the entire bottom to cut down on the shedding (I moved the differential feed up towards 2 to avoid stretching because my plush microfleece had some give in it; it also helped to move my blade to the right to where it didn’t cut off to close to where my fabric rolled out from under the needles). If you are using a sewing machine, you might zig-zag over the edge.

Before I added my elastic, I added some embroidery applique designs (I found mine from a cute etsy shop, Appliquetion Station…she has lots of really cute animal embroidery applique designs, as well as, other holiday, summer, and such applique designs…I also really like how wide the satin stitch is…covers the raw fabric edges really well)!! I LOVE how they turned out; it’s going to match his room so well!

 After embellishment if desired, it’s time to sew the elastic on. I serged mine, so, I lined mine up with the foot (and I locked the blade down so that it wouldn’t cut any off; I also kept my differential feel up more).

I lined my elastic up with the edge of the fleece. Once the machine anchored it at the beginning, I stretched the elastic (not the fleece). So, I stretched and serged as I went. (If you are using a sewing machine, you’ll do the same thing, but, use a wide, longer zig-zag stitch as you stretch the elastic and sew).

Overlap and serge/sew over your elastic 1″-2″ It should look like a really large shower cap at this point! You can turn your elastic under and stitch again if you’d like; I didn’t really care as it’s under the mattress and looks fine!

 Here’s a pic of the overlapped elastic…

Here’s the bottom side of my first attempt, yours should have a little more fabric there because I adjusted the measurements to fit a 31″ x 16″ x 4″ mattress better.

 So cute! You’re done!

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