Chatting & Improv Piecing with Shanny-Pants!

February 2, 2012 in News

Remember in the Fall when we went to The Sewing Summit and met the most awesome group of sewing bloggers on the planet and then came back and gave away the Baby Lock Audrey machine to one of the attendees here on Totally Stitchin’? Well, since then our giveaway winner, Shanny-Pants, has been hard at work of her new machine and we wanted to catch up with her on how things have been going since the Summit!  Oh an of course we asked her if she would pretty please make a Valentine’s Day inspired tutorial that we can all enjoy, and she said yes!

Here’s the bloggerview:

TS: How long have you been sewing?

Shanny-Pants: About 2 1/2 years now and I’m more addicted than ever!

TS: Are you a general sewer, quilter, craft sewer, garment? Or all of the above?

Shanny-Pants: I would have to go with general sewer, quilter and craft sewer. I wish I could say I was an amazing seamstress, but in the clothing department, I have only made skirts so far. My favorite thing to sew is quilt tops for sure!

TS: What brought you to The Sewing Summit?

Shanny-Pants: I was following both Amy and Erin’s blogs so when the first announcement came out, I thought it would be so fun to meet like minded women who had a modern style. I knew I had to sign up!

TS: What was your favorite part about The Sewing Summit?

Shanny-Pants: I loved so many things about it, I don’t know if I could pick one favorite thing! I loved the improv piecing class taught by Jessica Berrett (Urban Patchwork) as well as the Machine Quilting taught by Allison Harris. LOVED the Baby Lock Sewing Room and meeting so many wonderful, cool, creative women was the icing on the cake!

 TS: Who do you follow most in the world of sewing/quilting and why?

Shanny-Pants: That is a hard one! I honestly don’t think I have 1 favorite. I love Denyse Schmidt  fabrics and patterns and get inspiration from Pinterest and about a million blogs…There isn’t enough time in the day!!!

TS: You restarted your own blog (for the 3rd time) after The Sewing Summit, what inspired you to try again and stick to it?

Shanny-Pants: I’ve always love the ” idea” of a blog, but I always got caught up in the actual mechanics of it – posting, thinking of new things to write about, blah, blah, blah, and pretty soon, I just overwhelmed myself with expectations. What I think finally clicked for me was that I want a blog for ME. I want to look back and see what I’ve created, what I’ve done and hopefully what I have learned along the way.

TS: What is your 2012 sewing/quilting goal?

Shanny-Pants: I have a few! I want to improve my quilting skills enough that I actually feel confident in my abilities. So far I have only quilted 2 baby quilts and a few place mats! I also want to make a Chevron quilt and a totally improv quilt as well.

We think it is so inspiring that she was stuck in the expectations phase in starting a blog, but then realized that she had to have a purpose and with that purpose, her blogging made sense!

And now for the tutorial! How cute is this Valentine’s Day inspired improv-pieced pincushion?

Click for the free tutorial!









Click the here to hop over to Shannon’s blog for the full tutorial

Thanks Shanny-Pants!



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