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May 21, 2012 in News

Quilty, the brainchild of Mary Fons (daughter of the famed quilter Marianna Fons), is a community for new and modern quilters that began as a website. With the popularity of her easy-to-follow videos (check them out on QNNtv) and quirky personality, Quilty has expanded and published their first magazine issue this month.

13 Beginner-Level Quilt Tutorials

Each of the quilt tutorials are marked in the top-right corner of the page with level of difficulty (Beginner 1-3). If you want to make one of the quilts in the magazine, this feature makes it a lot easier to decide because, let me tell you, ALL of the quilts in the mag are SUPER cute.

Besides indicating level of difficulty, each tutorial includes step-by-step instructions, helpful hints (like labeling rectangles as you cut them for easy identification), and TONS of photos and diagrams. If you are a visual learner like me, the photos and diagrams really add to the value of the tutorials.

"Anni" is a beautiful and modern quilt that is perfect for a beginner quilter!

I love this "Bell-Bottoms" quilt. I am definitely going to make this one!












Great Info and Tips Splashed Throughout

The 6 “Tip Top Technique” lessons throughout the magazine are SO HELPFUL for beginner quilters. The lessons are accompanied with photos, but the best part? Each lesson page has a link that goes to a video tutorial! My two favorite “Tip Top Techniques” are the Quick Triangle-Squares and The 1/4″ Seam Test.

Other Awesome Features

Quilty Mag┬áhas a slew of articles, like “Behind the Scenes of Quilty,” a “This is My Quilt” profile (Check out Caitlin’s story here), and a look into The Modern Quilt Guild. The magazine is a perfect resource for the modern quilter, providing info about essential tools, cutting fabric, methods for making quilt blocks, sandwiching, and a low down on quilting lingo.

Want to check out Quilty Magazine for yourself? Download the free mini-mag preview, or order your own copy here.



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