Chevron Mug Rug Tutorial

August 21, 2012 in News, Projects

A few months back I stumbled across Mug Rug Madness, hosted by Erin from Two More Seconds. Although the blog hop has long passed, I wanted to try my hand at making my own. I read through some of the tutorials that were part of the series, took in the basics of mug rug making, and decided to create a tutorial for my own design.

Let me warn you, this is my first attempt at creating an in-depth tutorial from very beginning to very end. AND, this is my first attempt at using quilting techniques/piecing, so my chevron points aren’t perfect and neither is the binding. But, we all have to start somewhere, right?

On to the Chevron Mug Rug Tutorial:


  • 8- 2″ squares in Fabric A
  • 8- 2″ squares in Fabric B
  • 1- 6″ square each of Backing Fabric, Fusible Interfacing, and Fleece
  • Double Fold Bias Tape in Coordinating Color
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Basic Sewing Supplies (machine, thread, pins, etc.)





Of the 2″ squares, grab the stack of the lighter fabric and draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on each square. Now pair up all of your 2″ squares, one Fabric A with one Fabric B, right sides together. Sew at 1/4″ on either side of your drawn line. Repeat for each pair.






Cut along the diagonal line, and press open your new squares. Repeat for each pair. You should now have 16- 1 1/2″ half-square triangle blocks. And, don’t forget to clip the dog ears (not pictured).






Now, lay out your squares to make your chevron pattern. Since you have 16 squares, you will have a 4×4 grid of blocks.







Sew your blocks together starting in the top right corner, moving to the left. Sew 1 to 2, then attach 3, then 4. Do this for each row. After each row is complete, sew each row together. Start with Row A  and sew to B, then attach C, then D.






Since your chevron mug rug top is complete, layer it on top of your piece of fusible interfacing and iron together.







Now make a mini quilt sandwich: top, fleece, then backing fabric. The top and backing fabric should have their wrong sides towards the fleece. Make sure the layers are directly on top of each other. Square up any edges, so each piece is the same size. Pin the layers together in the middle of the square.

*I staggered my pieces to show the different layers for photography purposes only.






Attach your double fold bias tape. I used this great tutorial for mine.







And, there you have it! I brought my Chevron Mug Rug with me to work this morning, and my coffee cup loves its new home.

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