Cute Wrist Pin Cushion How-To

July 16, 2012 in Projects

I love those cute little flower wrist pin cushions and came up with the idea to make one and create a sewing class around the project as well since I teach classes from home! So, I will share this little tutorial with you!


You will need:

Some fabric: 5 – 4″ x 4″ squares for the petals, one 4-4.5″ diameter circle for the pin cushion yoyo, and one 3.5″ yoyo for the base of the flower

Something for the wristband (I just sewed bias tape together)

Cardboard from the back of a calendar or similar: Cut one 1 3/8″ and one 1 3/4″ diameter circle from this (I just traced the medium and large spool caps from my Baby Lock Sewing Machine)

Fabri-Tac Fabric Glue

Thread and needle

A little Velcro or the like for your wristband

And some stuffing

Step 1 : I machine sewed my wristband (I just measured my wrist and cut extra for overlap). I stitched the edges of 2 pieces of single fold bias tape together for my wristband.

Step 2: Machine sew Velcro to wristband, one on top on one side and one on bottom on the other side.

Step 3: Try on wristband and mark the center with a pin or some form of a marking pen/chalk. Then, set wristband aside.

Step 4: Iron all five 4″ x 4″ squares in half along the diagonal.

Step 5 (Making the flower): Thread a needle (I like to use heavy thread) and knot it at the end. With raw edges facing up, start at the lower right corner of each triangle and hand sew a basting stitch on the “elbow” of raw edge of each triangle…

Basting stitch on “elbow” shown below…

 Now, pull your basting stitch to gather the first petal.

Petal 1 gathered below (you may want to knot the thread here to where the petal is tightly locked in place, not completely necessary, but it helps in the end). Do not cut thread here!!

First petal gathered, start again with the raw edges up and at the lower right corner and baste the “elbow” of raw edge again!

Petal 2 basted below…

Petal 2 gathered below…

Continue on until you baste and gather your fifth petal…



Pull all 5 somewhat tight and know (as shown below). Do not cut thread yet!

 Pull needle through first petal and create the circle and then sew through first and fifth several times to secure.



Flower complete (I stitched through a couple petals to pull them together and secure them as show below, then knotted my thread and cut it).

Step 6 (Making the pin cushion): Thread a needle and stitch a basting stitch around your 4-4.5″ circle.

Pull your basting stitch slightly, but not all the way closed yet.

 Grab some stuffing and push it into the yoyo…

Push stuffing in all the way and pull the basting stitch closed more, but, not all the way yet…


 Push the 1 3/8″ cardboard circle in before pulling closed. This will act as one layer to protect your wrist from pins!

Pull basting thread tight and knot it to lock it a couple times and cut your thread.

Glob a bunch of Fabri-Tac glue on the pin cushion yoyo.

And smash the pin cushion yoyo onto flower.


Step 7 (Finishing the wristband): To find the center of the remaining fabric circle, I folded it in half twice as shown below.


Line up circle with the center pin/mark and center it horizontally as well.

Machine stitch your circle in place for stability and sturdiness (never mind the poor quality of which I sewed mine) 🙂

Hand baste a stitch around the wrist band circle only (don’t include the wristband portion in your basting)!

Pull the thread up a bit (not all the way yet).

Glue the remaining 1 3/4 inch circle into the yoyo before closing it.


Pull closed and knot well, then, cut your thread.

Glob Fabri-Tac onto the wristband yoyo and press the flower onto the glue glob.


And, YOU’RE DONE!!! Sew in style with you’re new handy, but very cute, wrist pin cushion!




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