Decagon Serger-Made Placemat Tutorial

April 13, 2015 in Projects

This is an imperfect project, but this placemat tutorial is great for party decor and can be made with extra fabric scraps!

Totally Stitchin': Decagon Placemat Tutorial

I actually made mine with leftover triangles from this bunting I made. My triangles were 9″ long by 7″ wide at the top (but, it doesn’t make each triangle even when the decagon is finished…it might be closer if you shave off a 1/4″ at the top of each triangle (with those measurements).

1. You need to cut 10 triangles with your desired measurements and arrange as shown below.

Totally Stitchin': Decagon Placemat Tutorial2. Set your serger up for a 4-thread overcasting stitch. Serge one triangle to the second and continue on for half of the decagon, serging 5 triangles together. Then, do the same for the second half of the decagon. This is where I had to trim the triangles in the center so that I had 2 straight edges to serge together.

Totally Stitchin': Decagon Placemat Tutorial3. Then, serger your center seam. You can see on mine that the 4 center triangles are smaller than the other 6, but, it still looks cute!

Totally Stitchin': Decagon Placemat Tutorial
Totally Stitchin': Decagon Placemat Tutorial
Totally Stitchin': Decagon Placemat Tutorial4. Again, I made mine last minute before the shower I was throwing so, I didn’t even finish the edges, but, you could serge around the outer edge if you are comfortable pivoting on a serger. Or, you could use the decagon you just made as a pattern to cut that out of another piece of fabric, sew them together pretty sides together leaving a 4″ opening along the top edge of one of the triangles, turn right side out, press, and top stitch the entire outer edge close to the edge.

Totally Stitchin': Decagon Placemat Tutorial


Happy Serging! I always love to see what you’re making with our projects here at Totally Stitchin’! Post some pictures on our Totally Stitchin’ Facebook page!!

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