How to Quickly Sew Designer-Inspired Burp Cloths

February 27, 2012 in Projects

I, like so many others, have many friends and family having baby showers coming up. When walking down town I walked past a cute baby/ kids boutique and immediately noticed cute burp cloths in the window.  I went in to find that they were very expensive, but looking at how they were made, they seemed easy and inexpensive enough so I went home and made some myself…

This is what you will need:

A package a cloth diapers ( I found mine at Wal-Mart they were the least expensive)
A group of fat quarters ( local craft/sewing store)
Your Sophia sewing machine

I washed and Ironed the material before working with it. Take one of the fat quarters and cut it in half (you want it to cover the center length of the of the cloth diaper); center your embroidery hoop towards the bottom of the cloth: create a ½ inch hem on all four sides and sew the fat quarter to you cloth diaper.

I made 5 and am so excited for her to see them!

2 responses to How to Quickly Sew Designer-Inspired Burp Cloths

  1. That is beautiful and a wonderful idea for the embroidery!

  2. Cute!

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