Diana and I Became Better Friends

January 24, 2012 in Machines

When you’ve already bonded with a machine and the time comes for a new one, often the new one can be a learning adjustment in itself. Sergers, in particular, can be difficult to adjust to when you’re used to “the old way of doing things”. I’ve sat down with my new Baby Lock Diana Serger with basic seam finish projects, but hadn’t had a chance for the last several months to figure out the coveted cover stitch I’ve wanted for so long (I’m almost embarrassed to admit that it took me so long)! But, I finally figured it out this past weekend and it stitched out smoothly and beautifully. Once I figured out the set up, it really wasn’t that difficult. After I cover stitched a hem on a shirt, I was looking around the house to see what else I could hem with a cover stitch! I was disappointed when all I could find were 2 pairs of pants! 😀

Cover Stitch:

3 responses to Diana and I Became Better Friends

  1. This machine looks like what I really want. But I have one very serious question… When using the coverstitch function, how do you overcome not using a hemmer foot (not available for this model, right?) and still getting the hem straight. Since you have to do it “blind”.

    • Good Question! When you use the cover stitch function, you have to put the blade down and change to another foot plate attachment (I’m not sure exactly what it is called), but, on this attachment there are markers like on a sewing machine that lets you line up your edge to follow as you cover stitch. So, I iron up my amount to be hemmed, 2.5″ for instance, then, I cover stitch lining up the fold (or hem) with the inch marker on the foot plate, then, I cut as close to the serging on the back to take my 2.5″ excess down to approximately an inch where my serging is…does that make sense? Sometimes I feel like I ramble!

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