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Deep Sea Christmas Tree Ornaments

December 6, 2011 in News

I tend to get a crazy when it comes to holiday decorating. I really love having a theme and tend to switch themes annually to keep myself from getting bored. A few years ago my Mom decided to get a smaller tree for her home and gifted me a huge collection of ornaments that she had collected over the years. Having this base of ornaments to pull from makes picking a theme fairly simple. Usually I pick a color theme like red and white, or purple and gold. Then I just sift through her ornaments to find all of the ones that fit my theme and build from there. This method usually leaves me only needing to add a handful of ornaments to complete the tree. However, the past few years I've taken it up a notch and picked a theme that was well outside the norm. Last years tree theme was so unconventional that I ended up making almost all of the decorations myself. If you read my blog you've probably seen this, but I was pretty proud of how it turned out. For everyone that has not seen it yet, I give you...The Deep Sea Tree! Deep Sea Tree Fleece Star Fish Ornament Fleece Squid Ornament Fleece Jelly Fish Ornament Fleece Sea Turtle Ornament Felt Angler Fish Tree Topper There are a few more pics on my blog here. The angler fish tree topper was probably my favorite part. This years theme is going to be a little less involved. I have half of my tree up, but as soon as I get the rest up I promise to post pics and... an ornament pattern! Stay tuned!  

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