DIY Gathered Key Fob Tutorial

October 13, 2014 in Projects

These adorable key fobs are really easy to sew! They make really great gifts, as well!

IMG_3497-with-text-1024x668 copy

Here’s what you need for this key fob tutorial:

2 cut strips of fabric 15″ by 2″ (can be the same fabric or coordinating)

1 – 1.5″ wide by 30-40″ long strip of fabric (for the ruffle)

1 – 15″ by 2″ strip of an interfacing or I used Baby Lock‘s new Ultra Soft Fusible Cut Away stabilizer (it was a nice plush)

1 or 2 key rings, Madeira thread, and a bead(s) or embellishment to be sewn in the ruffle if you’d like

Sewing machine and Serger (optional)

A ruffler foot is also recommended (but, you can always baste and gather too!)

2 copy
Here’s the bead/embellishment I found at JoAnn. There are some really neat, creative things you can do with embellishments like adding some large, shiny beads throughout the ruffle after you’ve made the key fob.

3 copyFuse one strip of the fabric with your interfacing. And if you have an embroidery machine, you can put an uplifting reminder quote/scripture verse on the inside strip of fabric.


Now, put the 2 strips together, pretty sides in and sew a 3/8″ seam allowance along one long side only.

56Open up your seam and press it.


Iron in the remaining 2 long sides 3/8″ as shown below.


Then, fold the strips in towards each other and press, right side out.


Now, using roll hem stitch settings on your serger, serge both long sides of your long 1.5″ by 30-40″ strip to finish/hem the edges. Then, using a ruffler foot on your sewing machine, gather up the strip right down the middle (foot settings: ruffle per every one stitch, move your depth to between 1 and 4, and a 2.5 machine stitch length) or baste and gather down the middle.



Next, center your ruffle on what will be the outer fabric of the key fob, pin, and stitch it down in place right down the center (over your gathered stitch line).


Then, place 1 or 2 key rings on your sewn strips (as shown below).


Place the 2 ends, pretty sides together and pin evenly.


Sew a 1/2″ seam allowance.


Press open.


Yay, we get to close it…almost done. Push fabrics in towards each other concealing the inside.


Topstitch around the entire circle, continually moving the key ring(s) out of the way, about an 1/8″ away from the sides of the wristlet circle, underneath the ruffle, starting and ending at the seam. Stitch the left and right side. This stitch also closes the side that wasn’t stitched closed.

2122Now, arrange the key fob how it will lay when completed. Then, stitch through all layers about 1″ away from the key rings.


Then, I hand sewed my embellishment on.


You’re all done with the key fob tutorial!! If you have any questions or tips, kindly leave them in the comments section!

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