DIY Wedding Garter and Bouquet Wrap

July 1, 2011 in Projects

Last time I told you about my new adventures of using my Baby Lock Sofia for the first time and what a fun, learning experience that was. Today I wanted to share my fun wedding projects with you and what I learned and used along the way….I always see girls with ribbon wrapped around their flowers and it adds a great touch but I wanted to take it one step above that so I googled wedding Flower wraps/ images and looked at what was out there…What I saw was large ribbon decorated with rhinestones and pined in the back with large pearl pins.

Knowing that I wanted to do something along this line I sent my fiancé to the market to get me some flowers (great excuse to get some flowers) so I could gage the size I wanted to make… Grabbed some old fabric to do a test run before I used the good stuff (keep in mind this was my second time using Miss Sofia so I was still learning the functions), I cut and I pined and I came up with what I thought was a great start…This is what I used!

1. 1* 5 X 3
2. 1* 5 ¬Ω X 6 ¬Ω
3. 1* 3 X 6 ¬Ω
4. 1 * 29 inch. of thin ribbon

(1.) I started with a larger piece of fabric (mocha) that I could use in the loop to embroider the K (large setting) and the date below (small setting). Next, I folded the top, bottom and sides down to 5 X 3 with the embroider stabilizer still attached to prevent the fabric from moving and pressed with warm iron …( Set aside)
(2.) Take the 5 ¬Ω X 6 ¬Ω press and sew the sides, top and bottom down to measure 4 ¬Ω X 5 ¬Ω (set aside)
(3.) Next take the 3 X 6 ½ press and sew the sides, top and bottom down to measure 2 X 5 ½ …
(4.) Take the ribbon and cut into eight 1 “pieces for the corset set the remainder to the side for lacing the corset. Pay attention to this next part, place the eight 1” pieces equally apart, four on back side of (2.) and by hand just do a top stitch to keep in place. Next, center the embroidered piece (1.) on top of (2.) and stitch the sides. Then take (3.) and sew it to the back side of (2)…. I have included pictures to help understand… I loved the way I could personalize something that can be keep for future memories, adding the initial and the wedding date to even adding in memory of there are so many different ways to make it special…

As I was reading through the manual I noticed that you can stitch letters and I thought I would try to make a simple garter with the bride and grooms name I took the same color ribbon of the material that was used for the bouquet holder, entered the names and pressed START. It was so much fun and can I say… easy! Best way to make a garter is to take
1. Take an upstretched elastic,
2. Wrap it around just above your knee,
3. Measure 3 times the ribbon
4. Do a gathered stitch.
5. Pin the elastic to the gathering and sew a zig- zag

This time I didn’t break any needles!!! I have new respect for Sofia and all the fun things you can make with her… Next, I will be making gifts for the flower girl, bridesmaid, out of town guests or even for your honeymoon….

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