Do You Know Where Your Thread Ends Are?

March 24, 2011 in General, Tips & Tricks

Watch out the next time you leave a spool of thread on the extra pin on the top of your sewing machine; or that untidy mess on your thread rack behind or next to your sewing machine.  Your greedy hand wheel has been feeling a little neglected and will take any chance it can to get some attention.  Ever so slowly, that speedy little hand wheel can suck those unsuspecting dangling thread ends into its high speed vortex, usually when you are not looking.

Used with permission

Recently, Reen at Embroidery Garden had this problem and snapped a few photos before she started cleaning up the mess.  The photo on the left was taken after the hand wheel was removed from her machine.  If this happens to you, you might want to think about taking your machine to be serviced.  Those threads can enter into the machine and travel down the pulley that is connected to the hand wheel and in some machines make it to the main motor and a spool of monofilament (clear plastic thread) can actually cut grooves into the metal within the machine if it gets caught up.  This is one time that I think it would be better to be safe then sorry.

I have never worried about this before, but I will now be checking all my loose ends and keeping my work area a little neater.  Watch out all you serger lovers, you are not in the clear either, I have been told that those thread cones that sit unused can cause the same havoc and can also tag along with the thread that is in use and cause one major size headache.  So let’s keep all our thread ends in line and our sewing machines humming.

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