Don’t Forget to Stretch!

June 28, 2013 in Tips & Tricks

As we all know, whether you’re cutting, sewing, pinning, etc., using those fine motor skills in your hands can tire those wrists out (especially with those thick fabrics or heavy projects)! So, take a break every now and then and stretch those wrists out! When I was in an Anatomy and Physiology class in college, my professor said if you gently stretch your wrists back towards you (as shown by my little one below) on a regular basis (as you sew, type, play video games :p etc.) this will help avoid sore wrists! Of course, you can stretch them using a table or counter as opposed to the floor (I also stretch them at stop lights). My professor also said to try not to sleep with your hands curled up into a fist because that pulls the muscles in causing more (and constant) tension (which makes for bad wrists over time). So, as you are drifting off, try to lay your hands gently open.

Totally Stitchin': Don't forget to stretch!

Also, I notice when I focus too much on a project for long periods of time, my eyes have a hard time adjusting to distance. My eye doctor said to take a break and look across the room every 15 minutes or so! Just some tips to make your sewing experience the best! 😀

Totally Stitchin': Don't forget to stretch!

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