Easier Embroidering on Onesies

January 5, 2012 in Tips & Tricks

Those tiny onesies can be hard to embroider on unless you have one of those machines like  the Baby Lock Enterprise or the Endurance where the hoop allows for maneuvering small/tight items more easily. I have the Baby Lock Esante and LOVE it and I use the 5 x 7 hoop with onesies because I still need to get the smaller hoop! So after I ruined a couple of onesies because I left for a second and the fabric flapped back in the way of the needle (I really should have stayed right with it), I came up with a better idea…open up a side of the onesie by clipping the serger thread with tiny scissors to allow for more space and then serge back up at the end (see pictures below). It’s an extra step, but it’s quick and the onesie doesn’t stretch as much and you have a little more room to actually leave the room without fabric moving back in the way of the needle! If you have any ideas to add, please do!

First, measure your center and mark with a few helpful dots. (I like to use blue water soluble marker, works great (just make sure you remove it and let dry before ironing, otherwise, it sets it and you may have a light brown dot left over).

 Second, clip serger thread and open up most of one side.

Side opened up below.

Center marks with hoop notches (I love to use stick tear stabilizer especially with onesies)!

Open up the side that was clipped

Ready for embroidery!!

Then, serge the side seam back up (make sure you knot or sew down the serging at the beginning and end so it doesn’t come apart)!

Hope this helps!!

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  1. Hi! I have the esante babylock also, I love her love her love her. She is a work horse!!! If you are wanting the 4X4 hoop there is a set 3, the 5×7, 4×4, and 2×2 on Amazon that fit our machine. $58 plus $5.65 to ship. When I priced the 4×4 though the dealer her where I live they wanted 79.95 for the 4×4 only. This way, you get an extra 5×7 hoop. I am always in need 2 hoops. It makes things go much faster if you are sewing multiple projects.

    Happy Embroidering!

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