Sew a Simple Christmas Tree

November 18, 2012 in News, Projects

I was searching online for new Christmas embroidery designs.  I could not decide if I wanted a Christmas tree, Santa, or snowman.  There are so many to choose from.  I decided to try a” free hand” sewn Christmas tree on a white shirt for my daughter. It was really easy and did not take long.  I found a plain white turtleneck that I had at home and used my Ellure Plus to make a cute shirt for the holidays.

Materials Needed:

Shirt or any other article you wish to embellish

Babylock sewing machine and thread

Ribbon, beads, or buttons to decorate the tree

Step One:

With disappearing ink, mark your item with approximate locations of where you want your tree.  I marked the center at the top and the bottom of the tree.  I also measured two inches on each side of the center mark at the bottom to give me the rough outline of the tree.

Step Two:

Choose your thread and begin sewing.  I chose a metallic green thread for the Christmas tree.  Begin sewing at the bottom corner of the tree.  Sew a straight line across to the other corner.  When you reach the end, stop sewing, but leave the needle in the down position in the fabric.  Raise the presser foot, and carefully turn the fabric 180 degrees.  Sew on an angle toward the other side of the tree, stopping just short of the previous line length.  Stop and rotate fabric again and continue in a narrowing zig zag pattern as you go up the tree.










Step Three:

I chose to go back over the lines to make the sewn tree more prominent.  I tried to stay on the lines or very close, but a little off didn’t matter much.  Just repeat the zigzag backwards until you get back to the base of the tree.


Step Four:

Make a base or trunk for the tree.  I used brown thread and sewed three sides of a rectangle at the bottom of the tree.  I thought about using ribbon or fabric for the trunk, but didn’t have anything cute on hand.

Step Five:

Embellish your tree 🙂  I chose to put a bow at the top of the tree.  You could also use a colorful button, fabric cut into a star, or embroider a design at the top.  I thought about adding ornaments or other decorations (embroidered designs, sequins, beads).  I may use MonogramWorks to add my daughter’s name under the tree.

I am considering sewing this easy tree on other items for the holidays, maybe cloth napkins? It is very simple and does not take long at all.

You do not need an embroidery machine to add cute embellishments this season!







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