Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial + Some Sewing!

April 8, 2015 in Projects

Diaper cakes…ah! Such a cute addition to a Baby Shower or Sprinkle! They also make for really great gifts after the shower is over!


What you’ll need for the Diaper Cake Tutorial:

  • Diapers (I like the newborn and size 1 of Target’s Up & UP because they are mostly white and are great for Diaper Cakes)! I purchased a Size 1 box of 130 diapers and it was perfect with some to spare for a 4 tier diaper cake
  • Rubber bands or pony tail holders to temporarily hold diapers
  • Pizza pan or the like
  • Various ribbons or fabric to tie around each tier (for the top tier, you might consider a headband)
  • Safety pins
  • Bare paper towel cardboard tube or cut-to-size wrapping paper tube
  • Baby Towel, regular towel, blanket, or receiving blanket(s) for the middle of the cake (Just another idea! If they’ve made the name of the baby public, embroider this item with the baby’s name for a fun surprise when they take the cake apart!)
  • Items you should consider sewing/serging to add to the cake (link to these tutorials for their supplies): hair bows (tutorial by girl. inspired.)  for girls (or this is a cute tutorial too Sew a Bow (tutorial by seekatesew)), ruffled flower bows,  bow ties (tutorial by Delia Creates) for boys, bib, burp cloth, receiving blankets, clothing, baby shoes (Check out our Baby Projects Baby Lock Pinterest board for LOTS of ideas)!
  • Items you might purchase to include on the cake: baby bottle (cute single bottles are sold at Walmart for like $1), pacifier, one piece outfits, tights or pants, for the cake in this tutorial I purchased some little shoes for time sake but for this other diaper cake I made 2 cute little pairs, sippy cup, socks, sleepers, rattle/toy, brush/comb, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Cardboard circle for the cake plate (you can purchase this or cut from a box — I traced a pizza pan onto a cardboard box and cut)
  • Glue gun
  • Three – 4″ (by 45″) strips for the ruffle (you’ll need a sewing machine for the ruffle)

Other sewing projects great for showers/parties:

  1. Sew a Quick Table Runner (coming soon)
  2. Serge a Party Bunting
  3. Serge a Party Place Mat, Decagon Style (coming soon)

1. You are going to repeat this step until most diapers are paired up (you’ll want to leave about 15 singles for the top tier). Rolling 2 together allows the diapers to stand up on their own better so they’re not falling all over the place as you try to wrangle them. Take 2 diapers and overlap them about 2.” I like to match up the colored graphics to each other so they hide inside.

053 copy 054 copy

Roll up the right one until just overlapping the other diaper.

056 copy

Then, hold on to both, keeping the first one rolled and flip it over to roll up the diaper on the right to overlap the top edge of the first diaper.

057 copy

060 copy

They’ll roll into an “S” shape (possibly a backwards “S”).

061 copy

Place a rubber band or pony tail holder around this combo and repeat (leaving about 15 singles).

062 copy

2. Measure what 4 tiers would give you.

063 copy

Cut your paper towel tube shorter than that measurement. Then, fold and roll the towel, blanket, or receiving blanket(s) around this tube (bottoms should be flat and even with each other).  I wanted the towel to form a small tier above the 4th diaper tier, so, I folded it like 3″ to 4″ longer than the tube. My sister had not told us the baby’s name yet, so I couldn’t embroider her name on it, but, I did this with another cake I made…it’s fun to give something so personalized and a fun surprise if you don’t mention it when they take the cake apart later. 🙂

067 copy

Stand this pillar upright onto your pizza pan.

068 copy

3. Start placing diapers around the towel pillar.

069 copy

Filling in where necessary.

070 copy

Place a ribbon around the first tier with some slack and safety pin (as shown below).
072 copy

Then, stuff to fill evenly round, adjusting the ribbon if necessary. After you finish each tier individually (before starting the next tier), you can reach in and remove the rubber bands or hair bands from each pair of diapers because the ribbon is holding them in place (this makes it easier when the new parents are taking the diaper cake apart…they’ll have a new baby, it’s the nice thing to do…and you get to keep the bands for the next one)! 🙂

074 copy

075 copy

4. Repeat with your second tier. I used fabric that tied in with the shower for this tier in place of a ribbon (I just pressed the raw edges in to make it the same width as the ribbon for consistency and safety pinned).

076 copy

5. And, repeat again, for the 3rd tier.

077 copy

6. And finally, for the 4th tier. You’ll need to have rolled some singles (pretty tightly) for the top. Now you can adjust and add singles anywhere that needs it. Next, is the really fun part, accessorizing!

078 copy

For one piece tees, you can roll up like a diaper and…

081 copy

put in place of a diaper! Oooo, something really cute, if you have the time you could embroider/applique the 1 month, 2 month, 3 month one piece tees for pictures!

082 copy

For sleepers, you can roll like so…

084 copy

Roll half way, then flip (like you did with the diapers) and roll the other side in to form that “S” shape.

086 copy

087 copy
Replace 2 diapers with the sleeper.

083 copy

Place other items where you see fit. I laid 2 pairs of tights on top of each other and rolled them (in the picture below to the left, pink).

090 copy

093 copy

7. If you’d like to, you can cut a piece of cardboard out by tracing a pizza pan. Follow this link to this tutorial to see instructions on creating the cake plate ruffle. Then, you can add the other goodies: hair bows, hair flower bows, bow ties, bib/burp cloth, etc. The chevron bow in the picture below is like this tutorial by Girl. Inspired.  This  double bow clip tutorial by see kate sew is also really cute!

134 - Copy copy 139 copy
Follow the link to make this pretty Ruffled Bow Flower.

140 - Copy copy 141 - Copy copy
This bow was really more for decoration than for hair. I used an overcasting stitch on a serger and gathered it to create one gathered layer in a circle and hot glued a gem to it.

143 copy


Happy Sewing/Serging! I always love to see what you’re making with our projects here at Totally Stitchin’! Post some pictures on our Totally Stitchin’ Facebook page!!

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