Easy Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

March 10, 2015 in Projects

In this easy flower hair clip tutorial, you’ll learn how you can whip up an adorable accessory for your little girl!

Flower bow copy
Find the instructions for this adorable sundress here

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 Let’s make a flower hair clip! These are so easy!


1. First things first, a little explanation! The red flower bow in the first image above was a single layer of a 2″ wide fabric strip with a serger roll hem along the outer edge so that the “petals” were 2″ wide. The pink flower bow above was a 2″ strip that was folded in half and pressed lengthwise so that the “petals” were only 1″ wide (so, the outer edge or rim of the ruffle was a fold as opposed to a serged edge). The strip below for this tutorial was a 3″ strip that was pressed lengthwise so that the “petals” ended up being 1.5″ wide. So, whichever way you make your strip and the width you decide upon is up to you. You can have smaller or wider ruffles! The look varies, but, they’re all pretty! 🙂

Using a serger: Cut one 45″ strip the exact desired width of your ruffle. Roll hem serge only one long edge.

Pressed in half method (without serger): Cut one 45″ strip double the desired width of your ruffle. press in half lengthwise and stitch along the edge (as shown below) to keep the layers together.

IMG_4278 copy

IMG_4281 copy

2. Using your ruffler foot (settings: closer to 4 depth for every one stitch, stitch length on machine at 2.5), gather your long strip along the raw edge (or gather any of these ways). Put a very full gather in it!


IMG_4283 copy

3. Thread your needle.


IMG_4285 copy

Curl the ruffle up to reach your desired look, fold and tuck the raw ends (of your strip) under on top and bottom.


IMG_4288 copy

Then, place several hand stitches around the center to hold your flower in place.


IMG_4290 copy

Here’s my raw edge folded under and trimmed on the backside and stitched in place…


IMG_4291 copy

4. Using your compass measuring gauge and marker, create a 2″ cirlcle on some scrap fabric.


IMG_4292 copy

IMG_4293 copy

IMG_4294 copy

5. Stitch on the inside of the circle through 2 to 3 layers of scrap fabric.


IMG_4295 copy

6. Trim with pinking sheers.


IMG_4296 copy

7. Mark your buttonhole placement.


IMG_4298 copy

Stitch your buttonholes. (If you’ve never done this before, here’s a great, quick video tutorial on using the buttonhole foot on a Baby Lock).


IMG_4301 copy

Open the buttonholes.


IMG_4302 copy

8. Plug your hot glue gun in and slip the alligator clip through the buttonholes.


IMG_4303 copy

Ready your flower, flip the circle over and hot glue all over the circle piece.


IMG_4305 copy

Carefully apply your circle to the backside of the flower. Then, apply your rhinestone/embellishment to the center of the front.


IMG_4306 IMG_4307

Wouldn’t you know, I took pictures of every step of the purple flower and forgot to take a final photo of it before I gave it as a gift! Sorry! It looked adorable! It was made to go on a diaper cake for a baby shower. Anyways, the images at the beginning and below look just like this one did, maybe just varied in “petal” size.

You’re done! Easy! You can clip it to a fabric headband or right to the hair! 🙂 Happy Sewing!

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Check out the photos below to get an idea as to where you can use this adorable flower as an embellishment for a variety of projects!


Flower bow copy
134 - Copy copy

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