Easy Pillowcase Halloween Costumes!

October 25, 2016 in Projects

The costume countdown has begun!! Are you in a pinch and need a quick sew for a Halloween costume? Believe it or not, all 3 of the easy-sew costumes in the image above are made with mere pillowcases!! Find each project over at Baby Lock’s Halloween page! For each costume, you start with the basic store-bought pillowcase and follow the cutting and altering instructions to turn it into a costume! Click on “Week 1 – Planning” to download each project. 🙂


The pirate vest was made with one black pillowcase and some store-bought bias tape. You get to use the adjustable bias binder in this tutorial! It was way fun, if I do say so myself! The Pumpkin costume comes with a free template for the face and was made with 2 pillowcases. In fact, we made a quick video that shows the basic construction of this costume! Check out the video below! The princess costume was also made with 2 pillowcases, some shiny gold store-bought bias tape, and some sparkly gold elastic! Head over to Baby Lock’s Halloween page to see how easy it is to make any one of these Halloween Costumes! And as always, Happy Sewing!!

If you make any of these, please post to our Facebook page! We love to see what you’re making!


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