Embroidered Baby Gift Ideas and Tips

February 6, 2012 in News

Looking for easy, inexpensive baby gifts? Many of our friends are having their second and third children and, therefore, do not really need another toy or outfit.  However, bibs and burp cloths start to show some wear with multiple children.

With our Ellure Plus, we found ways to make cute, inexpensive gifts for friends and family with new babies.

Starting with store-bought burp cloths and bibs (about $2/piece at Babies R Us), diaper covers, and ribbon (we found cute ribbon at Costco for $9.99/10 rolls)  we can embroider names or initials for the little ones, as well as embellish with some ribbon or rick rack.

It was very inexpensive to buy all of the supplies, and we have plenty to keep on hand for future gifts 🙂

With narrower ribbon or rick rack, we found it easier to use spray adhesive to hold it in place while sewing, instead of pins. 

****Big brother/sister gift ideas:

As a mother of three, I am always grateful when I receive a gift for my new baby.  In addition, many people include “big brother” or “big sister” gifts for the older siblings, something I now continue to do when I give baby gifts.  We found that a store-bought pillowcase or fleece blanket embroidered with the child’s name can be an easy, inexpensive gift to celebrate the “big kid’s” new role in the family.

It is easy to find plain or patterned blankets and pillowcases on sale at different department or big box stores.

We embroidered all of the the baby and big brother/sister gifts with the six preloaded fonts on the Ellure Plus.

We have three more friends who are expecting, so we hope to expand our ideas (and sewing and embroidery skills) before the next round of babies arrive!







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  1. that’s a good idea to use spray adhesive for ric rac or small ribbon…never thought of that!

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