Embroidery Stitching Issues?

August 9, 2010 in General, Tips & Tricks

I hate it when my embroidery doesn’t turn out the way I expected — am I not talking about my color choices. I’m talking about the unusual pull, puckers and just plain weirdness. Whey doesn’t mine look like their’s? Here are some tips to try when your embroidery¬†design just doesn’t seem right:

• Rethread the machine, including reinserting the bobbin and removing and reattaching the embroidery unit

• Does the bobbin thread show on the right side? If so, use a lighter-weight bobbin thread

‚Ä¢ Clean the lint from the bobbin area — a can of computer air spray works great for this

Embroidery Needles‚Ä¢ Change the needle — make sure it is the right size and type, we recommend Klasse embroidery needles for most designs. And, make sure there is no adhesive residue on the needle

‚Ä¢ Slow down the machine stitching speed — the faster it stitches, the more stress it puts on your fabric and embroidery

• Slightly loosen the upper tension

‚Ä¢ Make sure the fabric and stabilizer are secure — you could also add a piece of wash away or hydro-melt stabilizer to the design

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