Endless Possibilities, Batman!

May 8, 2013 in News


Oh, the things you can do when you sew! I feel as though it has been awhile since I’ve written! It may be because my husband and I just welcomed our second kiddo, Logan Parker, into the world March 28! 😀 My husband is a big superhero fan (we just had to see Iron Man 3 opening weekend…which, was really good by the way) and so, of course, we couldn’t help but incorporate a superhero into Logan’s baby pictures. Thought you would enjoy a pic or 2 (or 3)!


I made a pattern for the cape and stitched a Batman patch to the center with my Baby Lock sewing machine. The mask, I actually stabilized swimwear fabric with knit interfacing and cut. I, then, stitched elastic to the sides (it was not easy getting it on him without waking him…but we did it)! These fun pictures were taken by one of my best friends, J Marie Photography! She actually gave me the idea for me to make a Batman 😀

IMG_6603-2 (2)


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