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March 1, 2012 in General

I would LOVE to check out the Totally Stitchin’ community’s etsy shops, aka YOUR shop!! What do you make and sell? What got you started? How have you enjoyed it so far? Post in the comments section!! Seriously, I want to check it out! Or if you have a favorite; post it! I haven’t had aΒ shopΒ for long, but, it’s kind of fun to have a presence in online shopping! πŸ˜€ is such a great idea for creatives to be able to sell online across their country and internationally!

One of my friends, Heather, has an etsy shop, Daughter Designs. She makes all kinds of things, like handbags and quilts. Look at this really creative blanket she made. It’s a compilation from a little girl’s clothes when she was younger! So cute; what a great idea!

I thought having an etsy shop looked like fun, so, I decided to try it a little over a year ago! And I love it! There’s, of course, a whole business and marketing plan that goes into having regular business and success. I don’t make a lot of sales, but, it’s fun to make and sell things that, thus far, have been sent across the country…Iowa, Michigan, New York, and California to name a few! Here is my shop: The Sewing Corner! Β I sew and sell mainly baby items with my Baby Lock Sewing Machine and Diana Serger, but, one of my most popular items is this Casserole Carrier:

Casserole Carrier

It is a lot of work, making samples, taking pictures, editing pictures, creating a product description, making a price for it, deciding on shipping costs, etc. But, I still enjoy it just for something a little extra on the side of my regular business of alterations and teaching sewing lessons (our website created by my friend, Melissa, link to her website). It’s a chance to make something I don’t normally sell to clients here in St. Louis.

Let me know if you have any questions about etsy!! If you have any advice, I’d love to hear it as well!

Some things I make:

Tutu Bloomers

Personalized Bib and Burp Cloth

Flower Bow and Headband - Black, Pink, and White

Personalized Bib and Burp Cloth

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  1. Such cute things! Love the headband and other fun accessories!
    I started and Etsy page in January. You can check it out at!
    My business is Creative-Stations, we do Food and Beverage Stations for events in St. Louis, MO. We thought that starting an Etsy store would help us share our designs with clients nationwide! It has been fun so far selling our personalized DIY Party Printables to clients all over…Arkansas, Ohio, New York, Washington, Missouri, California, Arizona, Georgia, Texas, and Colorado! The great thing is these packages are a great price and Moms and other DIY clients can have fun putting the party together themselves! I look forward to following you on Etsy! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Lauryn!! It took me a second to realize this is the Lauryn I know since you have a new last name! πŸ˜€ That’s really great that you have your own business…super fun! Thanks so much for sharing your shop!!!! I’m going to check it out! Love the owl baby shower invites!! So cute!

  2. Hey! Thanks for this article! I actually just opened my etsy shop a coulple of days ago!

    Most of my stuff is still on Facebook but doing business there sucks so hopefully this will be a productive endeavor. I love the bloomers you have pictured above! So cute! If you have tips for an etsy newbie they would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Thank you!! I like the pillowcase dress on yours, that’s cute too! πŸ˜€ Thanks for posting!! I love checking out my fellow etsy-ers! πŸ˜€ Well, one thing I did try was the day showcase advertising and that really boosts your views…you can tell on the bloomers (that I have pictured of above) that that is the item I advertised because it has the most views…like 740 views compared to 280 which is my second highest, so the ad boosts views for sure and hopefully admirers which helps too! If you are going to try advertising kids you have to buy a spot right when it opens sometime around 11 or 12 at night, certain categories sell quick (like kids, purses, and other accessories)!! I’m still learning myself, but it’s not my main job either! :p

    • THanks! great advice! I think I want to have a few more items in my shop before I showcase anything- although I’m tempted to showcase the newest outfit I’ve added. Seems to be on the lower price end of the boutique outfits so what’s not to love right?! Tell ya what- I feel like all I’ve done this week is list on etsy and cross list on pinterest and facebook. Hope it gets quicker over time cause I have lots of other things on my list too!

      • Oh man, i can totally relate!! It takes forever!! πŸ˜€

      • When I first started it seemed like I did more marketing than I did sewing. It gets better as you are online longer and get followers. I spend about an hour everyday on marketing now. I try to list only four-six new items weekly, but relist items as soon as things sell. I think the key is quantity. I didn’t start to really get any business until I was between 75-100 items. Good luck. I think the first year is the hardest…

  4. I have been on etsy since 2008 4 years! . I love selling on etsy I sell machine embroidery fonts and designs. I also do a lot of shopping so many cute things to buy and one of a kind items.

    • OH man so many cute things on etsy, so true!! Awesome, I’ll have to add you to my favorites, as I buy fonts from time to time!! Thanks so much for posting!

  5. Hi I have recently inherited my mom’s old PE -200 and started monogramming and personalizing things but my Etsy Shop is started out with nursing covers and has become accessories for little girls and ladies. You can find me at I love making headbands, brooches and now that I have 2 daughters I am starting to get my creative flow back. This spring is going to be full of lovely little things. You can also follow me on Facebook By Searching for Kayla’s Kloset. I hope you stop by.

    Wishing you a Little Bit of Fancy for Every Day


    • Cute! I can totally relate to the daughter=making creative girly fun things!! Sooo much fun!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Those cute little models.Nice items. I have 5 going to be 6 grand daughters to sew for:)

  6. I am in the process of setting up a shop. First I decided to clean out my fabric, lace and vintage items stash. They sold well on etsy.
    Then I set about creating “IVEE Lingerie”, which focuses on plus size bridal lingerie. I used to do custom bridal work years ago. I haven’t had any sales there yet, but it’s only been “live” as a lingerie shop for about 10 days.
    I also want to expand on this with a line of coverups.

    • Pretty! I like the beach cover ups, cute! Thanks so much for commenting!! Love to see what other people are doing!!

  7. I have had my etsy shop for about a year now and I love it! While the bulk of my sales are done at festivals, my etsy store provides an outlet for me during the rainy season I love being able to sell custom orders through my shop. Check me out>

    • Fun fabrics! Love the colors! What type of festivals? Thanks so much for sharing!!

  8. I am not new to sewing, just new to, my blog ( my Etsy store at
    I just bought a Evolution Baby Lock which is terrific but has a big learning curve. I love to create with fabric. I would love to connect on twitter!/SewFunDesign. I am going to go back and look at all your Etsy stores.

    Thanks Loreen

  9. I have had a site for just over a year. Gotta say “I love it”. It never feels like work and I have an excuse to sew doll clothes!!! My daughters are all jealous as they want me to sew clothes for them. No way, they grow out of them….and they are big enough to sew their own now (which is why I reverted to doll clothes and not little girl dresses). Etsy has been great for funding my ‘fabric habit’….my 14 yr old daughter has started on under my name at civiltraditionsII where she is selling creations she is making and various items she has found that she wants to sell. This will hopefully help pay for her various after school activities and fashion addiction!! I purchased her a Babylock BL9 (basic machine) for her birthday and I have an Ellure (sewing/embroidery) and Eclipse (serging) which I wouldn’t be able to live without.

    My site is: Civil Traditions at

    Thanks for looking and putting this article up. I always love to see what everyone else is doing and have found some great vendors I can come back to when I need a unique gift. I never have time to shop on my own (too busy sewing).

    • That’s so funny…love the funding for the ‘fabric habit’ and your daughter’s fashion addiction πŸ˜€ Thank you for sharing; I’m so glad people started commenting because I agree it is really interesting to see what everyone is up to! BTW, love the batman shirt for a doll…so funny and cute! πŸ˜€

  10. I love Etsy! It is a wonderful place to find so many things and meet other Indie Artists. I love your Tutu Bloomers. Great photo.
    My Shop is
    I would love to have you stop by and say hello!

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