Everyone Needs a Sewing Kit

July 30, 2009 in General

Are you going away to school or moving out on your own for the first time?¬† Don’t forget a sewing kit.¬† A good basic sewing kit doesn’t need to be elaborate or anything.¬† It can be a purchased kit or you can put one together yourself.basic-sewing-kit All you really need is some good quality thread in basic colors, black, white, navy, red and maybe gray or brown.¬† It’s also a good idea to have a spool of heavier thread as well, like a spool of black button hole twist or upholstery thread.¬† This will be helpful for that occasional cushion repair of that second hand couch your parents gave you.¬† Add a small pair of scissors, some straight pins and safety pins and your are ready to tackle just about any emergency repair.¬† If you aren’t the sewing type, don’t fret, you have everything you need when you talk some one else into doing it for you! lol!

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