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March 21, 2008 in Style

Well, that flu bug that was going around (that I thought I had escaped!) caught up with me. I fell hard, right in the middle of prep for finals week. I lost two whole days. But the good news is I feel SO much better now, and am running off here in a bit to take an exam in Management of Information Systems (sounds like a mouthful, but it’s really pertinent info to anyone in marketing fields, and that’s my focus).

The bonus of being sick in bed for two days is — you guessed it — I got to catch up on my favorite reads, the current fashion mags. I rummaged thru the March issue of Vogue, the hefty volume of fashion, celebrities, socialites, designers and artists, in one day. It took a bit of concentration. But if there is one volume you need to pay attention to, it’s the spring Vogue, setting the mood for the season. It’s practically my bible! Another interesting source I have been tapping into is the NY Times. They have a fab Fashion & Style section, including articles about new and seasoned designers.

What magazines and websites are you guys looking at for inspiration this season? Do dish on some of your must-reads!

Hope you are all checking out Season #2 of our vodcasts and getting into the projects and interviews. I’m getting back to finals. I’m so excited for this term to come to an end! So what’s up for Spring break?!


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