Fashion Design and my Baby Lock Quilter’s Choice

November 1, 2011 in Machines

Hi! I’m Stephanie from St. Louis, MO and I am thrilled to be a Stitchin’ Woman for Totally Stitchin’ and looking forward to sharing some of my thoughts within the wonderful world of sewing! I am also excited to learn many new ideas through Totally Stitchin’!!

I finished up college with a Fashion Design Degree in May 2009. While I find the Fashion Design field fascinating, I like construction better. I do like sewing garments (especially swimwear and skirts and especially when they fit right), but I love to sew all kinds of things. To make it much more delightful is sewing with my Baby Lock Quilter’s Choice and Baby Lock Diana Serger!!

My greatest accomplishment, as a seamstress, has to be the collection that I created in college. It took place during my Senior Collection course in school where we had to design, draft patterns for, and make 5 outfits/dresses as a collection for our Spring fashion show. We had 3 months to design and construct these items. I chose wedding gowns because I think they are beautiful and had so much design potential for me. It was a crazy crazy semester (this sentence definitely deserved the word “crazy” twice)! I had no life and temporarily lost touch with several of my friend and family relationships, not to mention how expensive it was (luckily, we didn’t have to buy any books for this class). It was incredibly rewarding to see them go down the runway, not only in our school fashion show but in another one in St. Louis the following summer as well! I sewed all 5 gowns with my ever-so-reliable Baby Lock Quilter’s Choice! And then I had it cleaned and serviced after so much heavy sewing to keep it in good shape and it still runs smooth as ever! 😀

Picture above taken by Jenna;

Picture above taken by Jenna;

Picture above; taken by my mom! 😀

2 responses to Fashion Design and my Baby Lock Quilter’s Choice

  1. So are you still sold on the Babylock Diana serger? I am trying to decide on a new serger. I am also a fashion design student embarking on senior collection in a few weeks…. my little Euro Pro can barely handle the jobs I give it now. I like the price on Diana over other models, but I want to make sure it is worth the investment. If you had it to do over, would you purchase separate machines for the coverstitch option, or do you think you made the right decision?

    • Yep, love it! The only thing, if you got 2 separate machines, you wouldn’t have to switch the settings back and forth like if you had just the one! 😀 Best wishes on your senior collection…it’s such a huge task, but so rewarding!! What school?

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