Free Designer’s Gallery Software Trials!

October 19, 2012 in News

Want to try some embroidery software for free? Test it out and see what you think! Did you know that Designer’s Gallery offers free trials on some of their software? Designer’s Gallery has so many nifty, creative, embroidery programs! Check them all out here: Free Designer’s Gallery Software Trial! Currently, there are 21 trial embroidery softwares (there are even a few trials for MACs)! You can test out software like Embroidery Works Everyday, MasterWorks III, LetterWorks III and many other fun and creative softwares!

Embroidery Works is an embroidery program that offers all your embroidery editing tools in one: sizing, lettering, density adjustments, and more. And, there is a free 30-day downloadable trial of this Embroidery Works offered at Designer’s Gallery Website (read more about Embroidery Works here). ┬áThere’s even a free trial for Embroidery Works for a MAC!!

MasterWorks III, an embroidery digitizing program, is one of the 30-day trials offered as well! MasterWorks III is such an intelligent program and includes so many capabilities!

LetterWorks III software will add the style. Express yourself with multi-line text, 165 fonts and the ability to import True Type Fonts from your PC. LetterWorks III includes plenty of lettering and monogramming options to let every design work for you, and make every gift from the heart” a direct quote from Designer Gallery’s Website. There is also a free trial of LetterWorks III offered at the Designer’s Gallery Website!



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