Garage Sale Fabrics

March 20, 2012 in Tips & Tricks

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It is that time of year again, time to go dig through the discarded treasured of others. It is Garage/Yard Sale time. I love a good find and a great bargain, but I have never been one for getting up early, so every year I say I am going to go shopping and every year I sleep-in.

This year I have decided to try to make it a morning out with friends but I have a very strict shopping list. I am on the hunt for those great overlooked treasures, such as vintage linens or lace table cloths as well as just about anything made of fabric. Before you say, I really don’t need a stained baby pink linen table cloth; it just isn’t my style or the right size for my table,  remember that a $2.50 stained linen tablecloth can be turned into the cutest little girl’s dress or a great spring skirt or shorts for you. A duvet cover might just be the perfect backing to the quilt you have be waiting to make. Also take a browse through the clothing, you might not want that ugly jacket, but those buttons would be perfect with….. (you fill in the blank) and the price is RIGHT.

So this bargain season, be on the lookout for those repurposing items such as table linens, bed linens, curtains, and clothing. The only thing in your way is your imagination.

Leave us comment with those great not so obvious sewing finds that you have found or are on the hunt for.  I am looking forward to breathing a little creativity into some great finds. Happy hunting!

3 responses to Garage Sale Fabrics

  1. This year, I found what was marked as a set of Twin sized sheets at a local church sale for only $1.00. When I got home and prepared to launder them, I discovered that it was actually a Queen sized set! Bonus! They were purchased with the intent to make a skirt and matching summer top. Now I’ll be able to make myself even a Summer hat too!

  2. Lawknee,
    That is great! You might even have enough left over for a cute bag.
    I hope you are able to share a photo of the finished product with us. I can’t wait to see the finished items!

  3. I have been collecting prom and bridesmaid dresses from garage sales. I intend to use the skirt part to make quilt blocks but don’t know what to do with the bodices. Many are beaded i would hate to toss. anyone have an idea?

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