DIY Heart Pillows for Nana

February 3, 2015 in Projects

Happy heart month, sweet sewists!

My daughter is getting to the age (4 yrs.) where crafting is starting to be really fun for me…I mean her! 🙂 So, I thought it could be fun to start making little throw pillow covers with her for Nana and MawMaw for specific holidays that could be used for festive decorations. We started with Valentine’s day! First, I sewed a pillow form that was 15″ x 15″ to be used for all of the upcoming holiday pillows (cut 16″ x 16″ and sew a 1/2″ seam allowance). Then, we made our heart pillow cover. We had a such a special time making them together!



Everything we used for these pillows, I already had on hand. I used felt for the stencil, puff fabric paint, one 16″ square of fabric for the front, and then, cut my back to make an envelope pillow, and some trim for the edge of the heart (ric rac or lace).

1. Cut your heart stencil from felt (or interfacing worked ok, as well).

177 copy

178 copy

2. Press your pillow front and lay your stencil out evenly. Pressing it firmly in place.

179 copy

It was funny when I later noticed the heart cutout wrapped perfectly around Mr. Dinosaur. Kids are so cute! 🙂


3. Paint heart. We painted on a towel that I did not care if the paint bled through on (which it did).

180 copy

181 copy

3. Allow to dry. I really love how the polka dots still showed through the paint.

183 copy

Here’s another one we did. I was able to use the same stencil right away on the next one (thank goodness…have to keep child engaged or she’d lose interest)! 🙂 The white puff paint sunk in a lot, but, we liked how it just made a lighter pink heart than the fabric. Also, I had 4 paint brushes rotating, you have to wash that puff paint out right away (luckily, it does kind of start peeling out when it dries).

184 copy

185 copy

And a blue heart pillow…

188 copy

4. After your project is dry, apply lace, ric rac, or trim to the perimeter of the heart. I didn’t have any trouble with my sewing machine foot dragging (because of the puff paint), but, if you do, try using a teflon coated accessory sewing foot…they’re awesome)!

026 copy

5. Lastly, sew up your envelope pillow (awesome tutorial from Melissa with Melly Sews)! She uses one long piece of fabric, but, we cut 2 pieces for the back, roll hemmed the edges, overlapped and basted them 3″, then, sewed it to the front side. Olivia sat on my lap while I stitched this pillow up, warning me of the impending needle and not to get my finger! 🙂

027 copy

035 copy

Happy Sewing and Happy V-day, friends! 🙂 More pillow ideas to come!


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