How to Pin Correctly

February 1, 2012 in News, Tips & Tricks


When I am teaching students how to sew, I often teach, what I think is, the easier way (and what I would consider as the “correct” way) to pin. I just read this article this morning, confirming that there is a “correct” way to pin: “How to Use Pins the Right Way” from The author,Susan Khalje, explains with a number of reasons why to pin perpendicularly to the seam/hem. It’s also more convenient to pin perpendicularly to the seam when you are machine sewing because they are more easily removed (I teach students not to sew over pins as best they can so that we avoid bent pins, bent or broken machine needles, and/or machine damage). Also, if you incorrectly pin parallel to the seam to machine sew, if the pin heads are heading towards the sewing machine foot, often they are harder to remove because the pin usually gets to close the foot, if not under it! On the other hand, if your pin points are heading towards the sewing machine foot while sewing, it is way too easy to stab your finger really hard because the machine is pulling one way, your hand is sliding the other way…you get the picture! Done it…it hurts!!

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