How to use a skinny loop turner!

April 20, 2012 in Sewing supplies, Tips & Tricks

Love the skinny loop turner! They come in handy when turning tiny tubes like spaghetti straps or lacing. You can get them at a fabric store or online!

1. Sew your skinny tube.

2. The tube below is swimwear fabric, so, it is sewn with the “lightening” stretch stitch which helps tremendously when turning right-side out. Woven fabric can be sewn with your regular machine stitch.

3. Cut your seam allowance down so that the seam allowance will lay nicely inside the tube when turned.

4. Insert loop turner inside tube, scrunching fabric completely over until the hook appears at the top.

5. Push lower portion of hook through top edge of tube.

6. Pull down slightly, enclosing fabric inside the hook loop.

7. This may be the hardest part pulling the initial fabric over the hook (and it may take some practice until you feel comfortable with the loop turner). You’ll continue pulling down on the turner with your right hand while sliding fabric over the hook and the tube itself. Keep pulling the fabric all the way until it is turned completely. (Sometimes the fabric comes unhooked; try to avoid pushing the hooked portion back up; keep it somewhat taut so that the hooked fabric doesn’t release too early).


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