I wouldn’t toss out those wooden spools…

July 11, 2009 in General

I was going through some stuff the other day looking for just the right thing for a project I am going to start soon and I ran into something that brought back some good ole memories; my knitting spool!¬† I remember making a ton of cool stuff with it, at least it was cool in my 12 year old mind…lol.¬† spool-knitterWe are going to be entering the dog days of summer here in Missouri so I thought I would try to dig up some spools and make one of these for my nieces.¬† I found instructions here.¬† If you happen to have some wooden spools it’s a great way to repurpose them.

Artistic spool carving

Artistic spool carving

If you are a bit more artistic and want bit more of a challenge, try a spool carving.   This site gives you the basic steps to create a spool carving.  Check it out.

No matter which one of these ideas you try, have fun!

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