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September 17, 2010 in General

Most sewers are aware that September is National Sewing Month. As I reflect on all the sewing I have done, I realize I have sewn for 28-29 years ( I was 5 or 6 whenI started) and I have sewn professionally for over half my life (18 years).  I love it sew much that I could not imagine not sewing something each and every day.

My 92 year old grandmother is failing in health, but I wanted to share how she really inspired me to sew. I once heard that sewing skips a generation and there¬†is some¬†truth to that.¬†Growing up¬†I spent a lot of time at my grandparents farm, and my grandma was really the one who encouraged me to sew at a young age. I have so many fond memories, but one of my favorite is going up into the attic and taking fabric scraps out of my grandma’s trunk and taking hand sewing needles to create little pillows and clothing for my dolls. Even at a small age I would look at her sewing catalogs and just make¬†projects by looking at the pictures. Afterall, a 6 year old does not have a credit card to call and buy sewing kits, but I could make them up myself, and that is what I did.

Now, a lot of what I made was very rough looking, but I loved each and every thing. I can remember doing specific projects every summer at the farm. Other things I would do was take peoples socks and cut them apart and refashion into Barbie clothing, I would make T-shirt people pillows by sewing arms, legs and a head (add yarn hair) and sew them all together, fill with tons of stuffing and voila. I took at week at grandma’s house sewing these all by hand.

I finally started sewing on my mom’s old machine when I was in 6th grade. From there I just grew in my abilities and sewing interest. I owe a huge amount to Linda the master tailor I worked for all through high school and college learning fit on any and every body, and relevant to my professional career in college¬†I became close friends to my pattern design professor Dr.¬†Kundel. She has since retired, but we still stay in touch, and she says I was her favorite student. That is an honor, as she was my favorite design professor. ¬†My parents have always been supportive, but I will never forget those times with my grandma sewing at the farm budding this interest, and to this day I love to share my sewing with her.

I know how much I enjoyed sewing and other creative outlets, and I feel so passionate about sharing with other children to pass this love on.¬† I enjoy teaching girl scouts, 4-her’s and even college design students. The exciting thing about sewing is that it is so rewarding to share, but you never know everything, and often you learn things from the ones you are teaching.

Sewing is also a way to really do something from the heart and throughout high school, college and even through my business I have had the honor of participating in sewing service projects. If you are looking for sewing service projects to share your love of sewing contact groups such as Scouts, schools, 4-Her’s and of course Sewing Guildes.¬† I love working with Hospitals creating special bibs for new borns, and other needs. ¬†Some hospitals have a program called HEARTS. This is a program where sewers can sew tiny gowns for babies that have died before they were born. This is a hard time for parents and to be able to put a garment on the tiny child before burial is such a special and personal thing. Another program that I have worked withis Quilts for Drug addicted Babies. Babies that are born to drug addicted parents often have issues with thier vision and¬†have specific color/fabric needs.¬†There are so many needs out there, and people appreicate the time devoted to sewing.

As I reflect on those who inspired me, I think about the joy I now have passing along this love of sewing, and I think I have the best job in the world!

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  1. Your story really inspired me! I have just recently gotten up the nerve to take sewing classes–I am 47 years old, and my mother did not know how to sew either. Her mother knew, but could not show her due to a debilitating illness; so there may just be something to the generational skip!

    I purchased my first machine yesterday after just one month of basic sewing. I feel very happy to have met an entire community of new friends who are happy to show me anything–anytime! Glad I took the leap of faith!

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