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September 14, 2010 in General

Inspiration for me is a feeling I get when I see something really creative, interesting, or beautiful that sparks a desire to sew. I am inspired by many things…too many to name. I spend the last 3 months living in New York City taking classes and interning with Simplicity Pattern Company. I had inspiration everywhere around me. The way people dress there, the many museums I visited, even magazines and newspapers were filled with inspiration. I was most inspired to sew when I saw a garment in a store that I know I could create. Sometimes I even snapped a quick photo to look back at later for inspiration. There are so many different ways of using trim, interesting ways of using fabric, or even zippers used as decoration and not an opening. They ultimately take a garment from looking home made to looking store bought. I would challenge you to take a look at the garments you are purchasing, the way they are constructed and their details and use those in your sewing. Some of the simplest techniques make a garment a fashion statement. One of my favorite things I have created lately is this style of headband. I saw the original one at Forever 21 retailing for 10 dollars, I made mine for much less.

I used felt for the base and I hand sewed beads and sequins randomly over the desired shape of felt. I then glued some of the jewels that couldn’t be sewn on. After they dried I cut another piece of felt the same size and sandwiched the headband in between the two felt pieces and used E600 glue to attach it together. After a couple minutes to let it start to dry, I whip stitched around all the edges to secure them.

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