Introducing Simple Simon & Company

April 9, 2014 in News

I’m very excited to introduce you all to the newest members of the Totally Stitchin’ community, Liz & Elizabeth Evans, the talented ladies behind Simple Simon & Company!

Totally Stitchin': Introducing Simple Simon & Co.

Who is Simple Simon and Company? It turns out that the creative women behind this fun blog are not so simple at all. We love their fresh style and easy to follow tutorials, and we’re very happy to welcome them to the Totally Stitchin’ community.

Simple Simon and Company was founded by Elizabeth Evans and Liz Evans in 2010. The women bring slightly different views to each blog post while still complementing each other’s projects. They both love sewing for their children, but you’ll find more than kids’ clothes on the blog. They cover everything from children’s wear, to sewing for you, to crafting.

“We love homemaking and want to share our sewing journey with others as our family grows and goes full circle, from sewing bibs and baby blankets, to children’s clothing, to costumes, to prom dresses, to graduation and wedding quilts…then back again to baby blankets for our grandchildren. Sewing isn’t just a skill…it’s a tool to create memories.  ” Liz said. “What we hope to bring to the online community is that opportunity for others to learn how to sew (in a simple manner) and how to love it, so they can create memories of their own with their families.”

Totally Stitchin': Introducing Simple Simon & Co.

Elizabeth and Liz will be sewing on Baby Lock machines from here on, and can’t wait to get started. “I have been absolutely amazed at the features that Baby Lock offers in their models, and I’m excited to learn all about what the machines can do,” Elizabeth said. Liz matched her excitement, “I am so excited to use a Baby Lock serger. I want to learn how to do everything that the machine is capable of doing! (Which is a lot!) And don’t even get me started on all the possibilities wrapped up in all the other Baby Lock machines! Oh my goodness!”

So how exactly did two women end up with the same exact name and creative vision? It all started when Elizabeth married Liz’s brother-in-law. “When we realized we were both going to have the same name, there were jokes from the family about who would be “the good Liz” and who would be “the bad Liz”.  I was convinced Elizabeth would be “the good one”, but before long, we realized that we had more in common than we thought and she was just as “bad” as I am.  I was lucky enough to have found a friend in my sister-in-law, but I’d also found a partner in crime! In crafting crime that is,” Liz said.

Although both women say they love domestic life now, it wasn’t always like that for either of them.  In fact, for much of her life, Liz claims to have fought everything domestic. “Shortly after I got married my mom gave me a sewing machine for Christmas and I was totally mad!  I thought it was the worst gift ever,” she remembers.  “But several years later she dragged me to a quilt block making class and again my world changed…all that fabric and color and texture and combinations of shapes and designs! Why had I never seen the similarities between sewing, quilting, and art before?  I was hooked.  And life hasn’t been the same since!”

Totally Stitchin': Introducing Simple Simon & Co.

Unlike Liz, Elizabeth did fall in love with sewing at an early age, but like many young people, she didn’t find it “cool enough” to continue. Later in life, she found a reason to sew yet again. “I really think I first started sewing [again] because it was something that I could do every day that ‘couldn’t be undone’.  Diapers would need to be changed over and over, dishes always got dirty, laundry needed folding, but I could spend a few minutes sewing each day and it was something that stayed together!  It was like an awakening to me at that early stage of motherhood.  And I loved it,” Elizabeth said.

The Simple Simon and Company we know and love today came about four years ago when Elizabeth and Liz challenged each other to post something every day for an entire month. “At the end of those 30 days, we were hooked,” Liz said. “What we thought would be so hard (30 days’ worth of ideas!) wasn’t hard at all. In fact, the more we made the more ideas we had and we couldn’t wait to keep sharing them. It’s been four years and hundreds of projects later and we still are just as excited about creating as we were back then.”

You can follow Elizabeth and Liz at Simple Simon and Company and all of their social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

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