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September 1, 2015 in News

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? We are celebrating in a BIG way! Baby Lock has partnered with the ladies from Simple Simon & Co. to bring you Teach the One 2 Sew, a program designed to encourage you, as sewers, to teach just one person to sew. Imagine how many people would be sewing if we all shared that love? It would be amazing!

Totally Stitchin': Teach the One 2 Sew with Simple Simon & Co.

Keep reading as Elizabeth from Simple Simon shares her thoughts on Teach the One 2 Sew.

Over the years, I am often asked “why do you sew?” And while I sometimes can’t answer that question without a big laundry list of why I sew….one of those reasons is to see the look on others’ faces when I give away something I have made.  It’s the smiles, it’s the tears and it’s the moments when I see happiness—that’s one of the reasons I love to sew.

And I truly love to teach others to sew. It brings that same smile to my heart when I see something that they have created for someone else. It’s a rewarding thing.

Totally Stitchin': Teach the One 2 Sew with Simple Simon & Co.

Recently, liZ and I attended a conference where a very wise man asked us to look around the room at all of the amazing women who were sew-ers.  And then he said something that was an aha-moment for me. He asked us the question….what if all of you in this room taught one other person to sew? We would double our sewing community.

And that’s how “Teach the One” came to be. Not only what if everyone in that room could teach one person to sew….but what if, just what if everyone in the whole sewing community taught just one more person to sew…or to quilt.  Our sewing community would double. Can you even imagine?

That’s what we try to do at Simple Simon and Company every day…teach the one to sew. But we know that there are so many more of you out there who love this art as much as we do and have just as much (or maybe much more) sewing knowledge to share in this community.

So, we are asking for your help. Will you pledge to teach just one person to sew this month? Maybe it’s a neighbor, maybe it’s a friend, or maybe it is a child who is just starting out. It might be someone who has been asking you for awhile…or you may just have to reach out on social media and ask to find someone who would like to learn. But my hope is that you will take the opportunity to search out that “someone” that you can make a difference in their life…just by teaching them to sew.

Totally Stitchin': Teach the One 2 Sew with Simple Simon & Co.

I haven’t found my person yet for this month (but I promise I will!) but a few years ago my daughter wanted to make a quilt for her room. So, she and I went to the fabric store, she picked out fat quarters and we made a pinwheel quilt together. It was one of the experiences that I think both she and I will always remember when we each see that quilt.  And not just the beautiful colors that are in that quilt…but the many hours we spent together stitching, cutting, laughing and making memories. That is what I will remember when I see that quilt.

It is my wish that throughout this month, you will take on this challenge–because it doesn’t matter what the sewing project is, it can be something so simple—but it’s the sewing that you can plant in another’s life.  That just may grow into a sewing tree of their own.

Come back each week for a new guest post from some of your favorite women in the sewing industry. Until then, consider teaching someone to sew!

33 responses to Introducing Teach the One 2 Sew

  1. I love your article this month! I haven’t sewn for over 25 years, but used to sew all the time! (I learned in school.) I bought my Baby Lock Embroidery machine in 2013 and am hoping to start a creative sewing class within the art department at CSUMB. I just need a push to get started again!! Does Teach the One 2 Sew have any plans to offer workshops or events? I’d love to attend. Thanks,

  2. I am a school counselor but in a previous life I taught home ec. I plan to teach sewing during the lunch period to students who are interested. I love to sew and love sharing my passion.

  3. I want to learn! So YES YES this is a fabulous idea. I was given a new sewing machine about 6 months ago by a friend of a friend. I WANT to learn but don’t have a clue as where/how to start.

    • Check with shops that sell sewing machines especially the brand you have. Fabric stores have classes as well as community colleges.

    • Check with your local Park and Rec or Community Ed.

    • I want to learn how to sew too.. plus i need a better machine. sense ive gotten ill an cant do much as I use to.. i need to learn something that can lift my spirits an need to be able to do for others too.. like I use too.. I want to feel worthy still.. I cant afford to pay for the on line classes.. or buy a dvd I saw once for 59.00.. omg… so im really looking forward to this.. also how do you enroll your chance to win a sewing machine?? Help please…

      • Hi Lynnae, If you want to learn, you have many choices. You can look on You Tube…there are many talented people that walk you through many different types of sewing projects. You can also look online for your nearest American Sewing Guild neighborhood group ( The ladies in these groups love to share their knowledge with eager leaners. If you want to learn how to quilt, there are many quilt guilds across the US, just google “quilt guild” or “Modern Quilt Guild” and your location. These ladies too love to share their knowledge. Both organizations are very supportive, not very expensive to join and many have either day or evening groups to fit your schedule. Good luck and happy sewing!

  4. Question: would you please share with me where I may obtain the pattern for the pinwheel quilt shown in the email I just received from you. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you. Evelyn

    • The block is called the HST or Half Square Triangle. There are many patterns available via the internet or you tube. I recommend Nancy Zieman’s book, “Quilt with Confidence”. This book is a great place for beginner’s to start. She explains how to create the quilt in the photo or one very similar to it. Happy Quilting!

  5. A good friend and I did a sewing school for 17 children, ages 7 to 14, at the end of July. We had 9 teachers, all volunteers including myself and my fiend. All of the instructors are members of CTAW, otherwise know as Clothing and Textile Advisors of Washington (state). The primary mission of CTAW is to educate all ages to sew. We are also volunteers at Sewing Expo held annually in Puyallup, Washington. We love to teach!

    • i have taught a summer Sewing Camp for about 5 years now. I have had 5 – 10 children each year, this past July I had my first boy who danced around the room shaking his hips when he finished his first pair of pajama pants! It’s an exhausting week but Love it! We live in an area of year round schools so I am planning another class for students who will be tracked out later this month.

  6. I taught adult sewing classes in Arlington, Va. I miss it so much. I have recently moved to Trenton, SC and have not learned where the resources are yet. Sewing is such fun to both teach and just do.

  7. I taught my daughter to sew years ago, giving her a used machine for Christmas when she was in the third grade. She still uses that machine! I had all three of her children for 1 hour before school starting when they were 5 years old. We divided the time into 20 minute segments. Each did a math worksheet for 20 minutes, private reading for 20 minutes, and learning to sew for 20 minutes. They all (2 boys and a girl) are able to sew independently, making various garments and quilts. Two of my son’s daughters also came over once a week for an hour, and they both sew as well. All of them are proud of their skill and it’s uniqueness among their friends!

    • I love this reply. I am working with my 12 year old granddaughter and she enjoys the success but she lives 275 miles away so we don’t get much chance to work together.

  8. My mother was a professional seamstress and I grew up sewing. My adult daughter has now shown interest so I got her a new sewing machine, and I am teaching her to sew. I have also helped her daughter with easy sewing projects. It’s a way to pass the family sewing legacy on.

  9. Thanks for sharing this! September is also childhood cancer awareness month. So, I’m gong to see if I can round up some youngsters and/or adults for a day and teach them to make pillowcases. One for themselves, one to donate. I am going to set my goal for 5 people. I think it’d be a lot of fun and make a little difference in a few lives. Thanks again, Toni

  10. I am set to teach a couple of sewing classes this month.

  11. I have had so many members of our church ask me to start a sewing class, we are finally doing it!! Each member is choosing a project, bringing her/his own machine and fabrics. Once a week is our goal. We called our group “SNIP” for “Sewing Now In Progress”

  12. A girl in my office wants me to teach her to sew. This will be my first adult to teach from the very beginning to sew. I am going to be looking for ideas for projects that will be good to start her off with that will be fun, easy and will produce a finished item that will be fun for her to use.

    • has quite a few easy beginner projects like pillows, pillowcases, table mats, bags etc. I use quite a few of the projects in my beginning sewing classes I teach.

  13. I have started volunteering at the local high school lending expertise to students who have never touched a sewing machine before! I learning curve for us all!

  14. I would love if someone is in the hammond Indiana area would volunteer to teach me to sew properly I cam sew some but need some great instructions for better construction I am self taught because when I wanted to learn my mom got sick with M.S and she was trying to teach me but couldn’t show me some fundamentals she passed away and I continue to try things but I would love to sew correctly anything I want to wear and I just don’t have the money for classes so 8f anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it

  15. 1508 N Rose St
    Whenever someone asks be to teach them to sew I recommend that they watch several sewing shows on public television, that will help them decide what they want to learn how to sew. Is it garments, crafts or any other option.

  16. This week I have been sewing with one of my favorite students, granddaughter Audrey. She is making a formal to enter into her IORG Grand Assembly Sew and Show contest this spring. Teaching and sharing is one of the best things about sewing for me. Yes I will teach.

  17. What a fabulous concept! Two years ago I retired from the field of social work where I worked and guided those with medical/psychiatric and issuing. My career was fulfilling in that I enjoyed contributing to helping people on their oath towards hsppiness! Currently I opened a home studio where I teach all kinds of quilting/sewing techniques. Once again I enjoy helping people towards a healthier and happier life by teaching sewing and quilting using mindfulness and therapeutic techniques —-making projects that might not be perfect, but they are always joyful,beautiful, and good for the soul! Blessings to all for a happy and creative life!

  18. I am struggling to learn to sew. Sewing is not caught in our town. When I say sewing I mean sewing for clothng. Not quilts or embroidery which are hugely popular. No classes in community college. Fabric stores. County extension.

  19. I taught each of my 5kids to sew as they were growing up (1 girl and 4 boys). Two of the boys continue to see to this day as adults! Now I am teaching my grandsons to see. The youngest two have been first, the 9 year old learned the basics at an early age but doesn’t have much interest now, but the 5 year old has shown interest since he was 2 and is quite good at sewing! He now has his own machine at my house- a real machine not a toy. He had made many hand sewn projects starting out and he loves sewing pillows on his machine, he has made a monster apron that he uses at home and his next project is a dinasaur quilt!!!

  20. I am so excited for this! I was self taught by studying the owners manual and you tube tutorial. I would have loved a one on one teach and look forward to finding a person who wants to learn and teach them.

  21. I plan to teach my kids how to sew. I’m a member of a humanitarian sewing project with Cooks Children’s hospital in Texas. It will be great for them to help someone and learn a skill too.

  22. At this time I am teaching 9 people to sew. The youngest is 8years old. I give lessons all but one day a week. I like sharing my passion of sewing for others. Plus I sew and do alterations for others, keeps my busy in my retirement.

  23. So far I have taught two people how to sew and I must say, it has renewed my love and enthusiasm for sewing each time. Sewing is such a wonderful skill and art for a person to have.

  24. I love to sew. I love to teach others to sew, especially kids, since they are not learning this in school, and the art is being lost. When my daughter was a toddler, she say on my lap while I sewed. She watched everything and learned by osmosis. She also liked to design her own clothes at that age, too, drawing a picture of a dress, with a scallop on the bottom. I would ask what that part was, and I was told “that’s the lace, Mom.”

    She is now a married adult with a family. She sews on a tredle or hand-crank machine. She has a serger and an electronic machine, but prefers to sew without electricity. She also knits, crochets and spins and dyes her own yarn. And to think it all started with having her sit on my lap while I sewed so that she was safe and I could get some work done!

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