Its about that time.

September 28, 2011 in Projects

It’s about that time for the craziness to begin…. This year I’m trying to be ahead of the game and be ready for when I need a host/ hostess gift I can just grab and go…
I used Sofia 2 to do all the hard work, what is great about Sofia is that she is preloaded with 70 embroidery designs.. I went a purchased some linen towels, centered the hoop and went to town. This was the first time I had to change the thread multiple times for one design and it was easy all your doing is threading your machine like you normally would to sew something…. The designs are great and made me want to make some for my house….The same week I had to go to a baby shower and I had purchased a few things one being a blanket, after working on the towels I decided to add the baby’s name to the blanket … Sofia is great for adding quick fun personal touches to anything…
I think I’m going to get some linen from the fabric store and make some placemats with each person’s name embroidered for Thanksgiving!

1 response to Its about that time.

  1. What a wonderful Idea your friends and family will love them. I hope to learn how to do them soon. Bev

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