Labor Day; Rest, Work, or Sew?

September 1, 2011 in Projects

With Labor Day arriving sooner then I had hoped, I started thinking about what this Holiday means.  For some it is the end of summer, for others it is a day of rest and relaxation, but for me it is a great chance to get in an extra day to sew!  With the rest of the family already making plans for gatherings at friend’s houses and a husband that just wants to put his feet up, that means I will get at least one day to lock myself in my sewing room with my Baby Lock Ellageo Plus.  We will be attending the typical family pot luck Bar-B-Que this weekend and I have found the perfect project to make for the event.  I am the queen of roasted potatoes and bring them every year, but this year I will be making the Casserole Cover featured on Baby Lock’s website.

Create a handy tote for your favorite 9" x 13" casserole dish. Perfect for pot luck suppers or holiday get-togethers. It works with hot or cold dishes and even has a pocket for a serving spoon.

I am thinking about changing out the stars and using one of the Bar-B-Que’d themed embroidery designs from Amazing Designs or a fall styled appliqué.  Which ever I decide I better put my name on the finished project or it might just not make it back to my home after the event is over.

How are you planning to spend your Labor Day weekend?

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