Let’s Celebrate National Quilting Month

March 6, 2017 in News

Happy National Quilting Month! Who better to kick off this fun month, than Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company! If you are not familiar with Jenny and her awesome video tutorials, then you better subscribe to her YouTube channel for tons of quilting fun!

In 2008, the Doan children began a start up business, The Missouri Star Quilt Company, and it quickly became popular for their selection of pre-cut fabric. Jenny began posting instructional quilting videos on YouTube after her son, Alan realized the lack of quilting help on the internet. These easy-to-follow videos were a hit among the growing quilting community, and a quilting sensation was born. Fast forward, the Missouri Star Quilt Company YouTube channel has over 377,500 subscribers and more than 100,000,000 views!

Learn more about Missouri Star Quilt Company here.


Spoiler Alert: Keeping reading for a special giveaway with Baby Lock and Jenny!

Whether you are an experienced quilter or a beginner, Jenny’s tutorials are great for learning more techniques and inspiration for future projects. I have collected some of my personal favorite quilting tutorials. Be sure to watch these tutorials or save them for later! Plus, she has a new tutorial every Friday. Yes you read it right! Every Friday!!

Dizzy Daisy Quilt

This quilt is perfect to make now! Plus the fabric selection and the flower-like pattern makes it perfect for Spring.


Here is a sneak peek of the final project:

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 3.00.06 PM

Flying Geese Diamonds

Jenny has taken the traditional 3-D flying geese block pattern and turned it into a diamond pattern. Take a look at this short video to learn a few new techniques to build a quilting masterpiece.


Hunter’s Star Quilt

The Hunter’s Star Quilt Block may be intimidating, but Jenny shares a super easy to way to create one for your next project. Be sure to add this fun project to your quilting to-do list.


Here is a bigger view of this fabulous quilt if you are like me and love seeing the final product first before firing up your quilting machine.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 3.25.01 PM

The Bear Paw Quilt

If you are looking for a fun, timely, and traditional quilt pattern, give the Bear Paw pattern a try. Jenny makes it easy and not seem like a lot of work with her simplified approach.


Last but definitely not least…..

Ribbon Dance Quilt

Follow along with Jenny to make this cute, springy quilt made with half square triangles! What better way to welcome Spring than with delightful fabric and a fun quilting project!?


And of course I had to add a picture of the final product.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 3.51.16 PM
Can’t get enough of Jenny and her awesome quilting tutorials? Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel here and follow along with her projects on her blog, “The Cutting Table”.

Now for the special giveaway! We are celebrating National Quilting Month by giving away a Baby Lock Jazz signed by Jenny, as well as fabulous Riley Blake fabric bundles, Missouri Star Quilt Company products, and Fons & Porter products. You don’t want to miss out on your chance to win this quilting package. Visit for official rules, additional prize information, Jazz details, and the registration form!


Let’s keep celebrating National Quilting Month together! Stop by soon for more quilting fun!

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  1. I am currently using a 40+ year old machine and would love to own a Babylock one day for piecing and quilting.

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