Little Girls, Big Style

March 3, 2012 in Tips & Tricks

After creating the project ‚Girls Handkerchief Hemmed Top & Matching Pants‚ I decided that my little pumpkin pie’s wardrobe needed a little pick me up for spring. I recently found the book Little Girls, Big Style by Mary Abreu. In the book, she shows you how to sew a 23 piece boutique wardrobe using 4 easy patterns.Little Girls, Big Style You can order the book online, but I found it in the check-out aisle of my local hobby store. I can’t wait to get started and have the cutest and most stylish girl on the block. I love being able to say “I made that,” and see the reactions of others, and Mary makes it super easy for anyone with her book.

You can find out more about Mary, and her sewing and crafting at her blog, Confessions Of A Craft Addict. Also, check out the book’s website, and find out about her calendar events at, or find her on Facebook under Little Girls, Big Style.

If you are on Facebook, we would love to see your creations, you can find us at

2 responses to Little Girls, Big Style

  1. Thanks so much for the awesome shout out! Hope you enjoy the book and I can’t wait to see what you make.

  2. Just found this site via, and happened to come across this old post. Can I just say – I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I’ve been sewing off and on throughout my life for almost 23 years (But I’m ONLY 31!) A friend of mine told me about it at a playdate about 2 months ago, then one of the managers at my local quilt shop showed me the Ruffled Jumper Top she was making for the store from the patterns from this book. HELLO! Sign from God – I had to get this book! Not a regret at all. Of course, Kathryn chose the Ruffled Jumper (with the most ruffles you can possibly have on one outfit!) for her Easter Outfit. I just barely finished on time, 2 days before Easter, but I’ll post a pic of it when I get a chance. She looked adorable, and I had so many compliments! Thanks to Mary for writing such a terrific book! It is extremely well-written book, a fantastic and easy read for an experienced or new sewer.

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